Destination District

Strong academics and outstanding opportunities for students continue to make Frisco ISD a destination school district for families moving to or relocating within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As a result, we’re constantly growing, welcoming new students and hiring new staff.

In 1993, FISD had approximately 1,933 students who attended four schools. Today, the District serves more than 67,000 students in 77 schools. On a percentage basis, no school district in the country grew faster than FISD from 1987-88 to 2014-15. 

Today, Frisco ISD is no longer the fastest-growing District in Texas, but families from around the world continue to make Frisco ISD their home. 

Planning for the Future

To meet the construction needs of the District, the citizens of FISD authorized the issuance of schoolhouse bonds through six referendums in a 20-year period (1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2014 and 2018) for a combined total of $3.158 billion ($118 million, $298 million, $478 million, $798 million, $775 million and $691 million). These referendums received approval ratings of 95, 96, 89, 72, 77 and 61 percent, indicating the strong support of the community for public education and for meeting the needs of students. 

Building for FISD’s growth requires a blueprint of its own. It involves both long and short-term planning and balanced responsible management of time, money and resources. The District employs an in-house demographer, as well as an experienced outside consulting group, to monitor growth in neighborhoods, new construction and population trends.

Attendance zones are reviewed each fall in Frisco ISD to determine whether modifications are required for the following school year. Changes are often made to effectively utilize space and balance enrollment in existing schools, as well as draw attendance zones for any new schools opening the following year.

This means families could expect to change schools at some point, or even multiple times, even if they live at the same address. All Frisco ISD schools offer the same quality academics and equitable programming and opportunities for students. Clubs and organizations are formed based on student interest and are unique from campus to campus.

By the Numbers

Historical and Projected Enrollment

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