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Citizens' Bond Committee

Frisco ISD has long sought the input and guidance of parents and community members with the development of bond packages that have supported the District’s unprecedented growth and maintained existing facilities.

Over the years, the role of Citizens’ Bond Committees has been to review existing FISD facilities and capacities, historical growth and projections, economic indicators and growth plans of the city, as well as cost estimates and financial implications. The work of these volunteers has determined the size and scope of the bond packages presented to voters.

In fall 2015, the District reconvened members of the 2014 Citizens’ Bond Committee to receive ongoing updates and monitor the implementation of the 2014 Bond Program, which they developed. This expanded role was a priority identified through the District’s strategic planning process.

The group serves in an advisory role, as ultimately the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees is responsible for the oversight of bond funds.

2014 Bond Program Update

Meeting Minutes

2014 Committee Members

*Denotes Previous Bond Committee Experience

  • Chuck Altman

  • Allen Biehl

  • Peter Burns

  • Kirby Chandler*

  • Ron Charles*

  • Melanie Classe

  • Guy Dugas* 

  • George Dula*

  • Tony Felker

  • James Fomby (Secretary)

  • Adel Garza*

  • Rhonda Jackson

  • Jeff Kocher*

  • Julie Markham*

  • Clark Miller*

  • Buddy Minett (Co-Chair)

  • Debbie Pasha (Co-Chair)

  • Dick Peasley

  • Greg Petolick*

  • Ron Pigman

  • Phil Ramirez

  • Jude Rogowski*

  • Chad Rudy

  • Karmann Schackmann*

  • Marian Schulze

  • Isabel Sem*

  • Tom Woliver

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