School Board Priorities

Student Learning

  • Support instructional practices that foster the development of future-ready skills, such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking and more

  • Enhance college, career and military readiness through learning experiences that are personalized and relevant to each student

  • Expand choice programs to provide increased options for meeting students’ diverse needs and learning goals

  • Monitor efforts to close achievement gaps among specific student populations, including special education, English language learners and economically disadvantaged students

  • Support strategies to increase the participation of underrepresented or under-served students in advanced coursework

  • Implement full-day Pre-Kindergarten and detail plans to enhance early childhood literacy and mathematics

  • Ensure use of assessment informs decisions at the classroom, school, district and state levels

Safety and Security

  • Monitor effectiveness of current security measures and explore potential of emerging technologies

  • Increase training opportunities for staff to enhance emergency preparedness and reinforce existing security procedures and protocols

  • Provide additional supports to address student mental health, intervention and threat assessment

  • Continue close collaboration and partnership with local first responders and public health agencies to ensure readiness for emergencies of any kind

Whole Child

  • Equip schools, teachers, parents and the community with additional resources to facilitate social-emotional learning and increase awareness

  • Support practices and policies that shift students’ focus from grades to learning, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety among students

Teacher Retention and Compensation

  • Prioritize compensation and benefits for teachers and staff to allow Frisco ISD to recruit, retain and support the highest quality educators

  • Provide meaningful professional learning experiences for all staff, as well as opportunities for career growth and leadership development

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Provide resources to build racial and cultural awareness and understanding in our district and community while listening to diverse voices and welcoming new ideas

  • Work to eliminate unconscious bias and support equity and social justice through institutional leadership

  • Support efforts to ensure the District’s workforce better reflects the diversity of our students and community

Stakeholder Involvement

  • Develop a new strategic plan and Community-Based Accountability System to ensure long-term goals and improvement efforts are aligned with the community’s expectations and definition of success

  • Continue to leverage community and staff input via the Long-Range Planning Committee on a variety of issues impacting District leadership and decision-making

  • Educate parents, staff and community members regarding the impact of local, state and federal government action on FISD

  • Engage members of the Legislative Leadership Committee in drafting legislative priorities for the District and expand advocacy efforts with state lawmakers

  • Serve as a resource and voice for parents, staff, students and others regarding District decisions and policies

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Ensure the allocation of financial resources aligns with Board and community priorities, including student learning and opportunity, smaller class sizes and competitive teacher pay and benefits

  • Manage student enrollment growth and future school construction in a manner that promotes both stability and effective utilization of space

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