More Than 140 High School Students Invited to All-Region Orchestra

Nov 19, 2021

Recently, students from Frisco ISD high schools participated in the competitive Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Region 24 All-Region High School Orchestra Auditions.

More than 140 FISD high school students were accepted into the All-Region orchestras. Region 24 is known around the state as being the most competitive orchestra region in Texas.  

Orchestra students from Frisco, Prosper and McKinney ISDs competed for spots in one of the Region 24 All-Region Orchestras. Students began preparing over the summer when TMEA released several musical excerpts in preparation for the annual contest.

To be awarded a place in one of the three orchestras is a tremendous accomplishment. An incredible amount of practice and dedication is needed and the work of these students is to be commended.

The District is incredibly proud of all the students who went through the process and for the 139 students ultimately accepted and listed below.


Yejin Choi, Violin - Centennial
Cieun Lee, Violin - Centennial
Ethan Lau, Violin - Centennial
Yeyoun Yu, Violin - Centennial
Andrew Park, Viola - Centennial
Kartike Chawla, Viola - Centennial
Devlin Lee, Viola - Centennial
Brad Powell, Cello - Centennial
Alex Zhou, Cello - Centennial
Kieran Silver, Bass - Centennial
Nathan Zhou, Harp - Centennial
Allison Qiu, Harp - Centennial
Daniel Compton, Violin - Frisco
James Li, Cello - Frisco
Alicia Zhang, Cello - Frisco
Rudy Sathish, Violin - Heritage
Jase Smith, Bass - Heritage
Lucas Yeh, Violin - Independence
Jaewoo Kang, Violin - Independence
Nivy Manikandan, Violin - Independence
Lauren Lee, Violin - Independence
Jimmy Danjul, Violin - Independence
Danielle Yoon, Cello - Independence
Matthew Li, Cello - Independence
Shivani Anna, Cello - Independence
Diego Patiño, Bass - Independence
Darshan Desai, Bass - Independence
Brian Zhou, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Elise Wang, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Evan Ng, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Fiona Lai, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Evan Le, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Kendall Gee, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Angela Tong, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Annabel Tu, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Sukriti Sinha, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Kevin Wang, Violin - Lebanon Trail
James Kwong, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Willa Liou, Viola - Lebanon Trail
Wiley Liou, Viola - Lebanon Trail
Rhea Rai, Viola - Lebanon Trail
Yee Hong Pua, Cello - Lebanon Trail
Michelle Cheng, Cello - Lebanon Trail
Allison Tseng, Cello - Lebanon Trail
Ram Bonthala, Violin - Liberty
Jeremy Lin, Violin - Liberty
Karen Ryu, Violin - Liberty
Julia Johnson, Violin - Liberty
Nicole Johnson, Violin - Liberty
Sophie Lin, Violin - Liberty
Abigail So, Violin - Liberty
Katerina Yang, Violin - Liberty
Jayna Yoon, Violin - Liberty
Jacob Choi, Viola - Liberty
Avi Aggarwal, Viola - Liberty
Pallavi Aggarwal, Viola - Liberty
Joseph Jung, Cello - Liberty
Louis Staton, Cello - Liberty
Audrey Tan, Cello - Lone Star
Liam Whitlock, Viola -  Lone Star
Miranda Chen, Violin - Memorial
Manuel De Jesus Contreras, Violin - Memorial
Andrew Kwon, Violin - Wakeland
Srikha Chaganti, Violin - Wakeland
Michael Goppert, Violin - Wakeland
Matthew Miller, Violin - Wakeland



Trisha Bhatia, Violin - Centennial
Kiana Fuentes, Violin - Centennial
Shriya Siddhartha, Violin - Centennial
Neha Chelamkuri, Violin - Centennial
Michelle Howang, Viola - Centennial
Gabriel Ni, Cello - Centennial
Avaniko Assokumar, Cello - Centennial
Jenny Song, Violin - Centennial
Cayden Teng, Bass - Centennial
Minseok Kim, Viola - Emerson
Aidan Bieghler, Bass - Frisco
Kaitlyn Joe, Violin - Frisco
McKinley Xie, Cello - Frisco
Sky Haviland, Violin - Heritage
Tanmayee Bharadwaj, Violin - Heritage
Pranav Soma, Violin - Heritage
Kancana Kathiravan, Viola - Heritage
Pranav Kousik, Violin - Independence
Arko Banerjee, Violin - Independence
Helena Ocampos Ramos, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Goutham Alleuri, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Alex Cheong, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Sahasrad Chippa, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Sarah Sun, Viola - Lebanon Trail
Eddie Zhou, Cello - Lebanon Trail
Christopher Minn, Harp - Lebanon Trail
John Fu, Violin - Liberty
Mason Hou, Violin - Liberty
Samyuktha Shanthakumar, Violin - Liberty
Kelly Shi, Violin - Liberty
Varun Sinha, Violin - Liberty
Julianne Chi, Viola - Liberty
Shiori Harima, Viola - Liberty
Adler Xu, Viola - Liberty
Prashansa Sardesai, Bass - Memorial
Reese Kirkham, Bass - Wakeland
Daniel Kim, Viola - Wakeland



Aashita Doshi, Violin - Centennial
Kiera Notman, Viola - Centennial
John Romeo Dela Cruz, Viola - Centennial
Albert Sun, Cello - Centennial
Shrinidhi Rengarajan, Cello - Centennial
Rithvik Sonwalkar, Bass - Centennial
Saindhavi Hariharan, Harp - Centennial
Reeshan Waghmare, Violin - Emerson
Marcelo Patino, Bass - Emerson
Hannah Jang, Violin - Emerson
Vikhyath Jonnalagadda, Violin - Emerson
Nikhila Manikandan, Violin - Emerson
Saimanasaa Viswanathan, Violin - Emerson
Nevin Valayathil, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Anishka Desai, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Neha Shyamsunder, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Ashwin Viswanath, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Chloe Pai, Viola - Lebanon Trail
Nathan Pszyk, Viola - Lebanon Trail
Gauri Binup, Viola - Lebanon Trail
Alison Macleod, Cello - Lebanon Trail
Brendan Stillie, Bass - Lebanon Trail
Irene Na, Violin - Liberty
Diya Ramesh, Violin - Liberty
Cindy Trinh, Viola - Liberty
Annaliese Burkle, Harp - Liberty
Faith Wang, Cello - Lone Star
Shadai Haeri, Violin - Memorial
Sophia Luo, Cello - Wakeland
Angela Zhang, Cello - Wakeland
Arnav Kaul, Cello - Wakeland
Trisha Vijay, Violin - Wakeland
Vishal Yedulapuram, Violin - Wakeland
Ruhi Kamo, Violin - Wakeland
Vivian Tolbert, Harp - Wakeland
Kyle Marks, Harp - Wakeland
Jake Schnyder, Bass - Wakeland
Carson Charles, Bass - Wakeland

Congratulations also to Centennial High School harpist Sarika Ahire and Liberty High School harpist Giselle Menezes, Memorial High School pianist Benjamin Liu and Lone Star High School pianist Bill Ma, who were also accepted as All-Region Orchestra students despite not being placed on a particular All-Region Orchestra. Like many, they will audition for the All-State orchestras.

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