Middle School Musicians Invited to All-Region Band

Nov 18, 2021

Earlier this month, students from all 17 Frisco ISD middle school band programs competed for placement in one of the Region 24 All-Region Bands.

Of those, more than 200 FISD middle school musicians were invited to participate in one of the All-Region Bands. Region 24 includes Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney and Prosper ISDs, and the auditions are extremely competitive. 

The audition process began back in August. Students had to prepare scales and etudes for performance in a live audition. 

Frisco ISD is proud of all the students who participated in the audition process, including those listed below who were selected to these prestigious honor groups.

Concert Band

Cayla Nguyen, Flute - Clark
Chloe Bak, Flute - Clark 
Clementine McReynolds, Percussion - Clark 
Elise Nelson, Trombone - Clark 
Jacob McCoy, Trombone - Clark 
Jubilee Shaw, Bassoon - Cobb 
Kinsey Hardwick, Flute - Cobb 
Yumi Maeno, Trumpet - Cobb 
Noel Benny, Bari Saxophone - Fowler 
Jonathan Nguyen, Clarinet - Fowler 
Thabioso Dube, Clarinet - Fowler 
Haruto Ito, Euphonium - Fowler 
Nathan Vo, Euphonium - Fowler 
Alexander Anderson, Euphonium - Fowler 
Mylesh Senthilkumar, Flute - Fowler 
Manya Ayodhiramanuja, Percussion - Fowler 
Teena Thomas, Trumpet - Fowler 
Dennis Sharp, Alto Saxophone - Griffin 
Sadie Moerschell, Horn - Griffin 
MaryKate Sexton, Trombone - Griffin 
Michael Sharp, Trumpet - Griffin 
Caleb Ryu, Alto Saxophone - Hunt 
Aarohan Sharma, Flute - Lawler 
Mihir Tare, Flute - Lawler 
Rohan Bansal, Percussion - Lawler 
Saikarthik Kaluvalapudi, Tenor Saxophone - Lawler 
Jonathan Hermosillo, Alto Saxophone - Maus 
Srirasya Chirravuri, Flute - Maus 
Omya Tomar, Horn - Maus 
Srikrishna Pathipati, Horn - Maus 
Ronit Bhadra, Oboe - Maus 
Yves Shkolnikov, Percussion - Maus 
Ryan Martin, Trumpet - Maus 
Easton Ruhter, Trumpet - Maus 
Jeremy Magolo, Tuba - Maus 
Sri Mamidenna, Horn - Nelson 
Katalina Manzanares, Flute - Pearson 
Brayden MacVeigh, Horn - Pearson 
Aadhitya Senthilkumar, Bassoon - Pioneer Heritage 
JJ Bryant, Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage 
Dilan Pistorius, Horn - Pioneer Heritage 
Lasya Shankar, Percussion - Pioneer Heritage 
Emma Mo, Percussion - Pioneer Heritage 
Isaac Wilkes, Trumpet - Pioneer Heritage 
Pranitha Mantrala, Horn - Scoggins 
Truman Royal, Trumpet - Scoggins 
Aydin Molidor, Flute - Stafford 
Maxwell Fuller, Trumpet - Stafford 
Brody Stephan, Trombone - Staley 
Bethany Bulham, Alto Saxophone - Trent 
Olivia McClusky, Clarinet - Trent 
Marcelo Rivera, Trumpet - Trent 
Yuuki Kurniawan, Tuba - Trent 
Nishil Gummadi, Alto Saxophone - Vandeventer 
Paul Wang, Alto Saxophone - Vandeventer 
Kimaya Joshi, Bassoon - Vandeventer 
Somy Nagda, Clarinet - Vandeventer 
Dillon McBride, Alto Saxophone - Wester 
Jayden Kelley, Euphonium - Wester 
Alicia Pulgarin, Oboe - Wester 
Carli Olvera, Tuba - Wester 
Ruby Dunn, Tuba - Wester


Symphonic Band

Tanishka Ekbote, Alto Saxophone - Clark 
Hayden Lee, Flute - Cobb 
Jacob Molnar, Alto Saxophone - Fowler 
Devayani Nagabhushan, Clarinet - Fowler 
Abhay Murthy, Clarinet - Fowler 
Yujin Noh, Horn - Fowler 
Benjamin Vasilkovsky, Tenor Saxophone - Fowler 
Mason Bentley, Trombone - Fowler 
Arnav Singh, Trumpet - Fowler 
Liliana Candia, Clarinet - Griffin 
Camilla Smith, Oboe - Griffin 
Madeline Chen, Percussion - Griffin 
Patrick Kroner, Trumpet - Griffin 
Kellen Trice, Flute - Hunt 
Leo Li, Alto Saxophone - Lawler 
Brian Nguyen, Bari Saxophone - Lawler 
Partha Ranganatha, Horn - Lawler 
Rayan Lalani, Percussion - Lawler 
Mohitrag Gopalakrishnan, Trumpet - Lawler 
Shiven Velagapudi, Trumpet - Lawler 
Vihaan Pol, Trumpet - Lawler 
Saniel Rostro, Alto Saxophone - Maus 
Nakul Arjarapu, Bassoon - Maus 
Pranati Nemalikanti, Clarinet - Maus 
Ada Olcay, Clarinet - Maus 
Itay Ben Porat, Euphonium - Maus 
Jacob Parilla, Euphonium - Maus 
Ava Funderburk, Flute - Maus 
Noah Stumpf, Horn - Maus 
Serena Bhandari, Horn - Maus 
Mckoen Black, Percussion - Maus 
Tyler Jensen, Trombone - Maus 
Teymur Aliyev, Trumpet - Maus 
Zach Keelen, Tuba - Maus 
Landon Jones, Alto Saxophone - Nelson 
Alex Walker, Alto Saxophone - Nelson 
Serena Leng, Horn - Nelson 
Kamila Reyes, Flute - Pearson 
Anika Madugula, Flute - Pearson 
Abigail Smitherman, Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage 
Mark Calimlim, Horn - Pioneer Heritage 
Christopher Lanza, Trumpet - Pioneer Heritage 
Eeston Howard, Tuba - Pioneer Heritage 
Abirami Koteeswaran, Flute -Roach 
Shruthi Ponnama, Percussion - Roach 
Andrew Despain, Bassoon - Scoggins 
Bhavana Madhav, Alto Saxophone - Stafford 
Daniel Barbarin, Bass Clarinet - Stafford 
TeMiah Jamison, Clarinet - Stafford 
Dhanya Casavaraju, Flute - Stafford 
Preston Winchester, Horn - Stafford 
Ashton Van Nortwick, Trombone - Stafford 
Soren Ryu, Tenor Saxophone - Vandeventer 
Rohan Jannu, Trumpet - Vandeventer 
Avril Park, Flute - Wester 
Macey Black, Horn - Wester 
Isaac Elisafidis, Trombone - Wester 

Honors Band

Isabel Jung, Flute - Clark 
Benjamin Kallus, Trumpet - Clark 
Annelise Jordan, Alto Saxophone - Cobb 
Naomi Lewis, Euphonium - Cobb 
Tanner Lozano, Horn - Cobb 
Trip Hayes, Horn - Cobb 
Scarlett Whitsell, Trumpet - Cobb 
Austin Kwon, Tuba - Cobb 
Ananya Kulkarni, Clarinet - Fowler 
Ishaan Satija, Clarinet - Fowler 
Rachel Jiang, Flute - Fowler 
Yerah Song, Flute - Fowler 
Shiloh Kim, Oboe - Fowler 
Jin-Jing Huang, Percussion - Fowler 
Kyle Cooper, Bassoon - Griffin 
Arja Singh, Horn - Griffin 
Liam Atchison, Trumpet - Griffin 
Eric Cansler, Trumpet - Griffin 
Brianna Mihelich, Clarinet - Hunt 
Saket Gurrapu, Horn - Lawler 
Yashas Saride, Percussion - Lawler 
Evan Meza, Alto Saxophone - Maus 
Reed Ratner, Euphonium - Maus 
Santiago Loza, Oboe - Maus 
Adit Roy Choudhury, Trombone - Maus 
Mikko Pasanen, Trombone - Maus 
Bien Franco Donor, Trumpet - Maus 
Adarsh Patil, Tuba - Maus 
Sumedh Kanadhibhotla, Alto Saxophone - Nelson 
Samman Karm Euphonium - Nelson 
Pranav Iyer, Flute - Nelson 
Amrutha Kothakota, Flute - Nelson 
Isabelle Lee, Clarinet - Pearson 
Ryan Johnson, Alto Saxophone - Pioneer Heritage 
Benjamin Wolfe, Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage 
Wesley Smittle, Euphonium - Pioneer Heritage 
Mana Asaka, Flute - Pioneer Heritage 
Nathan Amezcua, Tenor Saxophone - Pioneer Heritage 
Sam Farquhar, Trombone - Pioneer Heritage 
Chase Nguyen, Tuba - Pioneer Heritage 
Elizabeth Vo, Percussion - Roach 
London Dilloway, Bassoon - Stafford 
Ridhima Kamath, Flute - Stafford 
Luke Rugg, Trumpet - Stafford 
Parsa Kazemi, Clarinet - Trent 
Dylan Henderson, Horn - Trent 
Hasini Chapa, Trombone - Trent 
Nathaniel Hyatt, Tuba - Trent 
Om Joshi, Percussion - Vandeventer 
Sienna Smith, Bassoon - Wester 
Grayson Bell, Bassoon - Wester 
Stephen Brightwell, Euphonium - Wester 
Alexandra Fair, Flute - Wester 
Brian Kim, Oboe - Wester 
Joseph Phillips, Tenor Saxophone - Wester 
Ashleigh Wilkerson, Trombone - Wester 
Chase Nelson, Trumpet - Wester  


Wind Ensemble

Nicole Burnett, Clarinet - Clark 
Caleb Roderick, Horn - Clark 
Cole Schettler, Horn - Cobb 
Natalie Baudo, Horn - Cobb 
Jason Uhl, Percussion - Cobb 
Claire Beaird, Trumpet - Cobb 
Rosemary Chen, Bassoon - Fowler 
Paula Sanchez, Clarinet - Fowler 
Rishi Gadiraju, Euphonium - Fowler 
Lia Yang, Flute - Fowler 
Racheal Ye, Flute - Fowler 
Akshay Murthy, Percussion - Fowler 
Jillian Jackson, Horn - Griffin 
Eshaan Gautam, Percussion - Hunt 
Julia Merritt, Alto Saxophone - Lawler 
Kevin Liu, Clarinet - Lawler 
Ariana Liu, Flute - Lawler 
Wei Yee Pua, Flute - Lawler 
Shaan Patel, Bari Saxophone - Maus 
Tyler Fields, Bassoon - Maus 
Aditya Kotaru, Horn - Maus 
Kria Turimella, Oboe - Maus 
William Folkmann, Trombone - Maus 
Bhavyasanket Vyas, Trombone - Maus 
Ethan Nguyen, Trumpet - Maus 
Akshay Iyer, Tuba - Maus 
Sahishnu Sathish, Tenor Saxophone - Nelson 
Madison Lam, Clarinet - Pearson 
Ryan Shim, Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage 
Joshua Jennings, Euphonium - Pioneer Heritage 
Jack Johnson, Euphonium - Pioneer Heritage 
Reina Shim, Flute - Pioneer Heritage 
Solai Nachiyappan, Oboe - Pioneer Heritage 
Connor Swain, Trumpet - Pioneer Heritage 
Judson Prasifka, Horn - Roach 
Samanvita Shedge, Clarinet - Stafford 
Samantha Salinas, Flute - Stafford 
Ryan Martin, Trombone - Stafford 
Andrew Lehman, Trumpet - Stafford 
Aaron Gambs, Clarinet - Trent 
Garyn Marshall, Horn - Trent 
Isaac Marah, Trombone - Wester 
Dan Tran, Trumpet - Wester 
Paula Obi, Tuba - Wester 
Elizabeth Lonsdale, Tuba - Wester  


Percussion Ensemble

Nina Kamo, Percussion - Cobb 
Ananthajith Muralidharan, Percussion - Fowler 
Rohit Sullia, Percussion - Maus 

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