District Celebrates Non-Teaching Staff

Nov 18, 2021

Frisco ISD is a destination school district thanks to the dedication of all staff members in each building across the District. To honor these individuals, two Standing Ovation Awards are given out each month in acknowledgement of non-teaching employees who are going above and beyond for the campus and the students.

This month, the District is proud to honor the hard work and dedication of Taylor Elementary data clerk Jim Madrinan and Pearson Middle special education paraprofessional Lisa Bowdon.

Congratulations to these employees who will be honored at a reception in the spring.

Oct 2021 Standing Ovation Taylor ES Jim MadrinanJim Madrinan - Taylor Elementary School

Madrinan connects with students and staff every day! Whether engaging students and families in the morning or connecting with staff throughout the day, everyone knows that he is an incredible listener with a great sense of humor. He always looks for ways to simplify the work without compromising the quality when it comes to his important tasks including enrolling, withdrawing and transferring students. The Taylor community values the meaningful way that he engages with others through his relationships with his students as a positive male figure on campus. He can often be seen supporting kids when they are having some "think time" in the office and need a moment to calm down or some positive reinforcement. He has mentored several students over the years and has stepped up to partner with another staff member to lead student council this year, where he continues to be a positive force for the campus. The campus and the District are thankful for his ability to grow young leaders through his daily actions, dedication and positivity.

Oct 2021 Standing Ovation Winner Lisa BowdonLisa Bowdon - Pearson Middle School

Bowdon is a special education paraprofessional at Pearson and is known for being a team player and selfless leader. She has been with FISD since 2008 and works each day to make sure that the needs of students and staff are met. She is able to support students of varying needs in all content areas and excels at being proactive to others needs and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the team at Pearson is successful. She arrives at Pearson each day with a smile that can light up the room and is always willing to help in situations that can seem daunting at times. She lends a listening ear and responds with encouragement and wisdom learned through her years of experience. She is known as a servant leader with a warm heart and excellent work ethic who is consistently dependable. She is lovingly known as the Pearson Girl Scout because she is always equipped with a kind word, helping hand or even something as small as the perfect snack should the need arise. The campus and the special education department are thankful for her ability to do the right thing for the right reasons at all times, even when others may not see.

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