Staff Recognized as Standing Ovation Winners

Apr 16, 2021

March Standing Ovation Winners TogetherCongratulations to Nelson Middle School’s Sharol Gridiron and Anderson Elementary’s Mandi Jenkins who were recognized during Monday’s Board meeting as Frisco ISD’s Standing Ovation Award winners for the month of March.

Sharol and Mandi were nominated by their peers and are distinguished examples of the District’s non-teaching staff. They consistently take initiative and carry out responsibilities beyond their job requirements. 

Thank you to Sharol and Mandi for their dedication to their campus communities and Frisco ISD!

Sharol Gridiron - Nelson Middle School

Sharol Gridiron, a special education paraprofessional at Nelson Middle School, is known for her mentorship of several students around campus. She works with them during advisory in their areas of struggle such as note-taking skills and self-regulating behavior. She goes out of her way to care for students and has been known to purchase clothing for students in need. When she sees a need, she will fill it. Whether that means working with ESL students before school or making sure that bulletin boards recognize and celebrate all cultures, Sharol goes above and beyond. Nelson Middle School is thankful for Sharol’s selfless nature, solutions-oriented decision-making skills and consistent positive attitude.

Mandi Jenkins - Anderson Elementary School

Mandi Jenkins is the 504/testing coordinator at Anderson Elementary where she coordinates training for state tests, guides staff with accommodations and even MCs the weekly virtual Good Morning Anderson assembly. She is known for her energy, warmth and humor. When time permits, Mandi often pops into classes to say hi, interact with students and assist teachers if needed. She is valued for her caring nature as a coveted coworker, teacher and friend. Everyone at Anderson agrees that the world would be a better place with more Mandi Jenkinses!

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