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Middle School Theatre Students Compete in One-Act Play

Feb 23, 2018

Frisco ISD middle school theatre programs competed in the District University Interscholastic League One-Act Play Competition this past weekend, Feb. 17.

Cade Butler of Independence High School and lead theatre teacher for the District, was extremely complimentary of the work done by the District’s youngest thespians and their teachers during the past two weeks. The schools competed at Zone level and then at District level. Butler says he had a difficult time believing they were in middle school.

“The acting, the design, the technical execution, the storytelling, and the production value this year was through the roof! We had 16 beautiful productions the past two weeks, and I am truly honored to have been a witness to it all,” he said.

The top three school productions were:

1. Scoggins MS - “Blue Stockings”
2. Vandeventer MS - “Wild Strawberries”
3. Staley MS - “The Shape of the Grave”

Other District One-Act Play awards include:

All-Star Cast
Emily Aronson - Vandeventer MS
Haley Jennings - Staley MS
Emma Torres - Nelson MS
Will Hobbs - Hunt MS
Madeline Carter - Hunt MS
Tanya Kalidindi - Roach MS
Carissa Petty - Scoggins MS
Sean Avery - Scoggins MS

Best Actor
Sawyer Bell - Nelson MS

Best Actress
Jordan Battey - Vandeventer MS

Individual Tech
Kailey Koth - Vandeventer MS
Bri Fields - Staley MS
Chioma Agbor - Nelson MS
Taylor Newton - Hunt MS
Max Hinkle - Roach MS
Sarah Grace Dancy - Scoggins MS

Best Tech Crew
Scoggins MS

Honorable Mentions
Eva Guerra - Vandeventer MS
Jacob Bertasso - Vandeventer MS
Mia Leal - Scoggins MS
Ensemble - Staley MS
Lily Holmes - Nelson MS
Holiday Helms - Hunt MS
Ben Weaver - Roach MS
Jack Fortner - Scoggins MS

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