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Students To Compete in National Trumpet Competition

Jan 25, 2018

At least two students from Frisco ISD have trumpeted their way to earning spots at the National Trumpet Competition (NTC), an annual music competition for students in the United States. It includes classical and jazz divisions at middle school through college levels for soloists and ensembles. The 2018 competition will be held at The University of North Texas in Denton in March.  

Maadhave Korthuri of Pioneer Heritage Middle School and Darius Cojocari, a former Maus Middle School student who is now a freshman at Heritage High School, both earned spots in the Junior Solo Division semifinals competition. They each submitted a recording to apply for the semifinals.

The Junior Solo Division is open to anyone through ninth grade, enrolled at a public school or home schooled. Students must submit a video recording of themselves playing a solo which are then judged during the month of December and early January. Finalists are invited to perform live at the NTC Competition. 

Korthuri, an eighth grader, has earned placements in the top performing ensemble in Region 24 for the past two years, and has consistently earned a Superior rating at district and region solo competitions. Maadhav took it upon himself to learn and enter the National Trumpet Competition to challenge himself to the next level - the National Level, his teacher Racheal Davis said.

"Maadhav is one of the most musically expressive students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching,” Davis said. “He picks up concepts extremely fast, but what sets him apart is the drive and motivation that he has to be better on his instrument.”

Cojocari is a former trumpet student from Maus Middle School and a current student at Heritage High School. His middle school instructor Katie Lewis was full of praise for his commitment and his continued hard work as a trumpet player.

“He is an incredibly talented and hardworking student who never settles for less than being the best. He practices very diligently to be prepared and to stand out on his instrument,” she said.

The Semifinals will occur March 9-11 at the University of North Texas.

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