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FISD Has 19 Choir Students Qualify for Area

Nov 13, 2017

On November 7, the Pre-Area Round of All-State Choir auditions were held and Frisco ISD had 19 students qualify Area with  five named as alternates.This was round three of four for students auditioning for the Texas Music Educators Association All-State Choir.

The top 15 students in each of eight sections from Region 24 (Frisco ISD, Plano ISD, Little Elm ISD, and Prosper ISD) auditioned against each other for Area qualifying placement in the top five finishers. Region 24 is one of the most competitive regions in the state and those who earned top-5 placement are qualified to compete at Area Choir auditions which will take place in January at University of Texas-Arlington. Qualifying for Area places these singers in the top 5% of singers in the state of Texas, reports Robert Draper, choir teacher at Independence High School.

Draper also noted that Lebanon Trail High School, which only has freshmen and sophomores this year, competed in the small school category. Chair rankings are not required in the small school category.

 The students qualifying for Area or as alternates are:

Centennial High School

Samantha Benovitz, Soprano 1 Third Chair - Area Qualified

Moraa Kombo, Alto 2 Fourth Chair - Area Qualified

Chandler Tidwell, Alto 2 Fifth Chair - Area Qualified

Ashwin Krishnan, Tenor 1 Fourth Chair - Area Qualified

Niyoosha Talukder, Soprano 2 Sixth Chair - Area Alternate

Heritage High School

Ileagh MacIvers, Alto 1 Second Chair-Area Qualified

Madison Lang, Alto 1 Fifth Chair - Area Qualified

Eli Doggett, Tenor 1 Third Chair - Area Qualified

Tristen Smith, Bass 2 Second Chair - Area Qualified

Samhita Kumar, Alto 1 Seventh Chair - Area Alternate

Harsha Sankaran, Alto 2 Seventh Chair - Area Alternate

Independence High School

Kathleen Murray, Alto 2 First Chair-Area Qualified

Tanvi Bellam, Alto 1 Third Chair-Area Qualified

Reedy High School

Roselee Bhaskar, Soprano 1 Seventh Chair - Area Alternate

Arjun Penmatsa, Tenor 1 Sixth Chair - Area Alternate

Lebanon Trail High School

Emma Forester, First Chair SSC Soprano- Area Qualified

Naomi Kurian, Second Chair SSC Soprano-Area Qualified

Simi Lu, Third Chair SSC Soprano-Area Qualified

Xochi Castellanos, First Chair SSC Alto - Area Qualified

Isha Patel, Second Chair SSC Alto - Area Qualified

Matthew Thurman, , SSC Tenor-Area Qualified

Tarun Latheshkumar, SSC Bass - Area Qualified

Steven Lu, SSC Bass - Area Qualified

Jackson McKinzie, Bass - Area Qualified

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