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Former Christie Students Share Talents with Second Grade

Nov 10, 2017

Ali and Griffin McPherson are the ensemble Ali Madison with Ali as lead vocalist and Griffin on the guitar. The two have strong roots in Frisco ISD. They recently used their talents to teach others.

Ali is a graduate of Centennial High School who attends Collin College and Griffin is a senior at Centennial High School. Their mother, Lisa McPherson, teaches second grade at Christie Elementary.  They also attended Christie Elementary.

The two recently volunteered to return to their elementary alma mater to assist with a science lesson about sound energy. They used music to demonstrate sound energy, volume, increasing and decreasing sound, and pitch.

It was exciting for Christie staff to see two former students giving back to their elementary school and for the students to see how music and science relate.

Ali Madison performs at Toasted Coffee and Kitchen on November 30. Follow them on Facebook.

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