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FISD Campus Leaders Attend Deloitte Courageous Principals Institute.

Oct 25, 2017

Campus principals must be instructional leaders,educators and managers . They make a huge impact on the future of students and the success of the community as they influence the campus environment, curriculum, teachers and parent involvement at their school. Frisco ISD places a high priority on professional learning both in District and at programs offered outside of Frisco ISD.

Twenty-one FISD elementary principals, along with three curriculum area directors, recently participated in the Insight to Action program hosted by the Deloitte Courageous Principals Institute.

The training focused on relationship-building, communication and influence. The program connects principals from school districts across the nation to leaders in business, the public sector, and not-for-profit organizations. 

Laurie Tinsley, a former elementary principal and current area director described the program as a leadership training module led by the Deloitte staff at the Deloitte training center in Westlake. The overall focus is centered on facilitating change, inquiry methods and understanding your campus chemistry and people you may work with, she said.

Ashley Principal Kim Frankson is a first-year principal and found the training very helpful.

 “With being a first-year principal, there are so many day-to-day experiences that are new and many different things I would love to tackle all at once. I walked away with a different level of knowledge on how to best support my staff and community, as well as ways to mobilize my teachers through change,” she said. “I feel I will truly be able to implement much of what I learned through the experience. It was also powerful, for me, to have some of my fellow FISD principals in the classroom with me throughout the weekend. We were able to share experiences, learn and support each other, as well as help hold each other accountable.”

Attending the training with Tinsley and Frankson, were Jenny McGowan, Laura Del Hierro, Kellie Rapp, Angie Borgarello, Christy Garza, Brenda Youngblood, Natalie Miller, Kranti Singh, Becca Bustillos, Pam Schaeffer, Alex Mira, Heather Cox, Kyla Prusak, Shannon Acosta, Christina Beran, Catherine Young, Amy Baker, Susie Graham, Danielle Record, Jodi Davis. Area Directors Mia Bennett and Mary Webb also participated.


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