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Norris Elementary Wins 21-Day Healthy Snack Challenge

May 19, 2017

>Norris Elementary Wins Healthy Snack Challenge

Norris Elementary School is sporting a brand new trophy and some new healthy habits.

The elementary school was the Frisco ISD winner in the 21-Day Kids Teaching Kids (KTK) Healthy Snack Challenge. The challenge is sponsored by Medical City Children’s Hospital. The hospital works with Texas ProStart Culinary programs in area high schools, such as at Frisco ISD. High School students from across the Dallas area create healthy snacks that are published in a cookbook. The 21-day challenge invites students and families to sign up and eat healthy—using the recipes if possible—for 21 days. The number 21 is important because most scientists and therapists say it takes 21 days to change a habit.

In Frisco ISD, Norris Elementary was the winning campus for having the most “healthy” participants. Because of this the school received a fun visit from Leo the Lion (the program mascot) and a very impressive trophy.

Ryan Eason of Medical City Children’s works very hard with schools and local PTAs to build up interest in the program. He was very proud of the work Norris student’s put into eating healthy this year.

“Supporting, educating, and engaging a kid is a primary focus of the kids teaching kids (KTK) program. All KTK recipes come from the creative minds of high school students which makes our program extra special. Medical City Children’s Hospital is proud of the staff and parents at Norris Elementary for not only winning the District competition but encouraging their kids to be their own SNACK MASTER,” he said.

Physical Education teacher Dayna Burleigh said that the Norris faculty made sure to make the connection between snacking healthy and life longevity. “We talked about it every time the kids came to PE class. We had the students take pictures of them snacking at home and we showed them at our Friday Norris Now assemblies. We also played games that involved healthy foods - Go, Slow, Whoa foods. The grade level that had the most sign up won an extra outdoor recess,” she said.

As for the award assembly, Leo the Lion pumped all the kids up. He danced in the stage and got the kids on their feet, Burleigh said. All the kids copied his dance moves and clapped along until the unveiling of the trophy. Dr. Lyon led the students in a countdown and then the black sheet was pulled and it revealed a very large glass trophy.

In addition to the trophy, Norris Elementary learned that the PE department would receive a $500 check from Kroger. “This money will be used to purchase balls for the kids to be able to practice individually for various skills we learn in the gym,” Burleigh said.

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