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Frisco ISD Students Selected for All-Region Choir

Oct 21, 2016

Frisco ISD had an excellent showing at the All-Region Region 24 Choir auditions held in October at Independence High School in Frisco. 

Ben Oehlschlaeger, choir director at Centennial High School, reports more FISD students than ever before were selected to All-Region choirs.

The FISD All-Region students will perform in the All-Region Choir Concert on Saturday, October 29 at 4 p.m. at St. Andrews United Methodist Church in Plano.

The students who were selected include:

Centennial High School, Ben Oehlschlaeger, Director

Libby Farris,  Soprano 1, Treble Choir
Emilee Stubbs.  Soprano 1, Treble Choir
Niyoosha Talukder , Soprano 1, Treble Choir
Dhvanee Shridhar ,Soprano 2, Treble Choir
Sydney Bell, Alto 2, Treble Choir
Samantha Benovitz , Soprano 1, Mixed Choir
Chloe Young , Soprano 2, Mixed Choir
Moraa Kombo, Alto 2, Mixed Choir
Jaiden Moffitt, Alto 2, Mixed Choir
Chandler Tidwell,Alto 2, Mixed Choir
Alex Zhang ,Tenor 2, Mixed Choir

Frisco High School, Tracy Bradstreet, Director

Kailey Rice, Soprano 1, Treble Choir
Sara Sadri, Soprano 2, Treble Choir
Tara Troiano, Alto 1, Treble Choir
Chloe Drummnd, Alto 2, Treble Choir
Chris Bain, Bass 1, Mixed Choir
Wyatt Ramsey, Bass 2, Mixed Choir

Heritage High School, Riley Worthen, Director

Jhanvi Ahir . Soprano 2, Treble Choir
Anjali Sharma , Soprano 2, Treble Choir
Brianna Sadofsky ,Alto 1, Treble Choir
Nivi Sangeeth , Alto 1, Treble Choir
Harsha Sankavan , Alto 2, Treble Choir
Dyuthi Arella , Alto 1, Mixed Choir
Ileagh MacIvers, Alto 1, Mixed Choir
Tristen Smith, Bass 2, Mixed Choir 

Independence High School, Robert Draper, Director

Sarah Northcutt , Soprano 1, Treble Choir
Peyton Diamond, Alto 2, Treble Choir
Naomi Ketter, Alto 2, Treble Choir
Kathleen Murray, Alto 2, Treble Choir
Paige Romero, Soprano 1, Mixed Choir
William McKean, Tenor 1, Mixed Choir
Benjamin Cantrell, Tenor 2, Mixed Choir

Lebanon Trail High School, Mike Buntyn, Director

Olivia George, Soprano 1, Treble Choir
Emma Forester, Soprano 2, Treble Choir
Sabrina Miller, Soprano 2, Treble Choir
Xochiti Castellanos , Alto 1, Treble Choir
Kennedy Smith, Alto 1, Treble Choir
Tarun Latheshkumar, Tenor 1, Mixed Choir
Matthew Thurman, Tenor 1, Mixed Choir
Steven Lu, Bass 1, Mixed Choir 

Liberty High School, Bruce Stevenson, Director

Jessica Gordon,  Soprano 2, Treble Choir
Emily Swinnea, Soprano 2, Treble Choir
Andrea Cobos, Soprano 2, Mixed Choir
Rishab Nayar,Tenor 1, Mixed Choir

Lone Star High School, Glen Miller, Director

Alexis Chaney , Alto 2, Treble Choir
Kaelyn Thurman, Alto 2, Treble Choir
Shivani Sundar, Soprano 1, Mixed Choir
Michael Jenkins ,Tenor 1, Mixed Choir

Reedy High School, Rachel Franklin, Director

Vivian Cassina, Soprano 1, Treble Choir
Madyson Cavaness,  Alto 1, Treble Choir
Madalynn May, Alto 1, Treble Choir
Talia Elliott,  Alto 2, Treble Choir
Roselee Bhaskar, Soprano 1, Mixed Choir
Mazmu Islam, Soprano 2, Mixed Choir
Jackson Whitfield, Tenor 1, Mixed Choir 

Wakeland High School, Paul Bright, Director

Mary Margaret Abbott, Soprano 2, Treble Choir
Wesley Crow, Bass 2, Mixed Choir

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