DECA Students Advance to International Conference

Mar 21, 2013

Liberty DECA studentsNearly 30 Frisco ISD students will travel to Anaheim, California for the DECA International Career Development Conference on April 24-28.

DECA is a non-profit student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Students advancing to international competition participated in the DECA State Career Development Conference in Corpus Christi on February 28-March 2. Of the 3,000 state competitors, only 300 earned the right to compete at the International Conference.

“I am so proud of DECA,” said Liberty High School sponsor Tracy Glick. “These students have worked many hours every week completing tests, studying vocabulary and practicing role-play.”

Congratulations to the following students and all those representing Frisco ISD DECA chapters at the state level.

Career and Technical Education Center

Conner Coleman, Alternate in International Business Plan

Katelyn McCall and Ashley Limas, Advertising Campaign Event

Kiana Moffett, Alternate in Creative Marketing Plan

Desiree Natali, Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan

Julia Wright, Alternate in Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling

Centennial High School

Kiran Navaneeth, Entrepreneurship Participating Event

Akshitha Padigela, Alternate in Advertising Campaign Event

Frisco High School

Joy Bailey and Emily Tang, Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making Event

Shane Parish, Principles of Marketing Series Event

Varun Prasad, Human Resources Management Series Event

Heritage High School

Fernando Castillo, Sports and Entertainment Event

Liberty High School

Ashleigh Abusomwam, Alternate in Buying and Merchandising Operations Research

Eileen Bau, Principles of Marketing Event

Naomi Chandani and Salman Lakhani, Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making

Alex Chang and Cindy Jiang, Hospitality Services Team Decision Making

Titus Deng and Rebecca Lee, Marketing Communication Team Decision Making

Nitya Eleti and Sharan Mohan, Sports and Entertainment Team Decision Making

Rachel Fu and Luna Jiang, Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research

Anishka Kappalayil and Sarah Wang, Hospitality Services Team Decision Making

Jonathan Kim and David Tak, Marketing Communication Team Decision Making

Victoria Meng, Principles of Marketing Event

Nicholas Murira and Sindhu Senhilkumar, Marketing Communication Team Decision Making

Andrea Shaver, Entrepreneurship Growing Your Business

Angel Thampy, Alternate in Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Event

Liberty High School DECA Chapter

Desiree NataliKatelyn McCall and Ashley Limas

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