White Ribbons Tell LHS to "See the Person, Not the Disability"

Dec 07, 2012

White Ribbon Week at Liberty High SchoolLiberty High School was a “White Ribbon” campus during the week of December 3-7, as the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association), the Campus Climate Committee and the SAGE (Special and Gifted Education) Committee worked to create awareness of people with disabilities at the high school.

The program urged students to “see the person not the disability,” said Liberty student volunteer Morgan Fritz. Fritz, a member of the Liberty Campus Climate Committee, has a younger sister with a disability.

“This was Morgan’s idea,” said Julia Chalker of the Liberty Special Education Department. “She really wanted to work with us and focus on seeing the person, not the disability.”

The volunteers and Special Education Department at Liberty hung banners throughout the school and passed out awareness bracelets at lunch. Students at Liberty were also encouraged to participate in disability simulation activities. White ribbons were also tied outside the building and in the hallways of the school.

The goal was to help students and faculty realize that all people have strengths and weaknesses. The banners urged the student body to “celebrate our differences.” A giant banner in the cafeteria included information about the Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign, which is aimed at eliminating the derogatory use of the word retarded.

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