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Octathlon Teams Place in Top 15 in the State

May 24, 2018

Centennial High School Octathlon Team 1

Frisco ISD is well represented among the top scores posted by Octathlon teams from across Texas.

Several teams finished in the top 15 in the state, including those from Centennial, Reedy, Independence and Liberty high schools.

A group of students from Centennial finished tenth, the highest among FISD teams. Team members included Fouzul Kansul, Abhinav Kolli, Shakti Anand, Arya Kaushik, Saahit Karumuri, Saishrey Bhandare, Leelu Abrahamson, Craig Martin and Nick Burnett.

Octathlon is an academic competition for ninth and tenth-grade students. It is designed to serve as a learning experience and feeder program for Academic Decathlon.

Octathlon is comprised of eight events, including exams in art, economics, language/literature, mathematics, music, science and social science. The Super Quiz event is an oral relay over all subjects.

Teams from across Frisco ISD competed in the regional Octathlon tournament at the end of April at Wakeland High School. Regional scores were then submitted and ranked across the state.  

Congratulations to the following teams:

  • Centennial Team 1 - 10th in the state

  • Reedy - 12th in the state

  • Independence - 13th in the state

  • Liberty - 15th in the state

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