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IHS Students Rock Frisco With Kindness

May 11, 2018

Rashanda Luke hopes rock brings happinessrock paintingLook for painted kindness rocks in public spaces

Find a rock and find kindness.

Independence High School art students are joining a growing trend – painting and hiding rocks that spread kindness, joy and love.

Different groups around the world are participating in this phenomenon to spread peace and cheer up strangers. Small towns, church groups, scouts and families who want to remember a loved one are painting pictures or kind words on small river rocks and leaving them behind in flower beds, on beaches or in parks to be found by passersby.

Ryan Rimmer, art instructor at Independence, took a bucket to a local business that sells rocks of all sizes for landscaping. He needed about 100 or so rocks for his art students.

“They looked at me kind of funny because they aren’t used to selling rocks in such a small quantity,” he said. “They are used to selling them by the truck load.”

Students enjoyed the small project with a purpose, taking time to make bold statements with color, phrases or intricate patterns similar to Indian mandalas.

Rashanda Luke, a senior at IHS and first-year art student, had not heard of the kindness rock idea. She was really happy when she discovered her rock really lent its shape to two of her favorite Disney characters Lilo and Stitch and the word “Ohana” which means family. She drew the characters and the word on the rock with a sharpie and then painted it.

“I was watching the movie the other day and I thought it would be a great idea for the rock,” she said.  “Stitch had to learn to be civil and kind to others and in the movie, they say Ohana means no one is left behind.”

Luke says she wants somebody else to find her rock and “like it and cherish it as much as I do.”

Rimmer’s students began painting rocks in April. Rimmer plans to hid them in and around public spaces in Frisco.

He urges finders of the rocks to share  photo of the rock they find on twitter and tag @FISDartROCKS or use the hashtag #FISDartRocks.

Though nothing is stopping the finder from taking the rocks home, Rimmer and his students hope that those who find these small rocks of kindness will leave them to bring surprise and joy to the next person passing by or to take the rock and leave it in another well-traveled area to be discovered by someone needing a moment of kindness.

Because kindness rocks.

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