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FISD Proposes Attendance Zones for 2018-19 School Year

Oct 17, 2017

Frisco ISD presented initial plans Monday to rezone for the 2018-19 school year.

The preliminary attendance zones relieve overcrowding, balance enrollment in existing schools and make way for four new campuses – Talley Elementary, Liscano Elementary, Lawler Middle School and Memorial High School.

Effective utilization of space and stability were key factors in developing the proposed changes, which allow Frisco ISD to delay construction of additional new campuses to accommodate enrollment growth.

Every year FISD can wait to build and open a new school saves millions of dollars in maintenance and operations costs. Delays also provide more time for FISD to monitor enrollment trends, plan for the eventual build-out of the District and make the best long-term zoning decisions for students and families.  

Among the proposed changes for 2018-19:

  • Talley Elementary will relieve Curtsinger and McSpedden elementary schools. The changes would also impact zones for Ashley, Gunstream, Isbell and Smith elementary schools. Some of the areas have no students.
  • Liscano Elementary will relieve Mooneyham and Norris elementary schools. The changes would also impact zones for Ashley, Christie, Gunstream, Scott, Sem, Tadlock and Sonntag elementary schools. Some of the areas have no students.
  • Newman Elementary is proposed to be relieved by Pink and Rogers elementary schools. An area with no students would also move from Newman to Phillips Elementary.
  • Lawler Middle School will relieve Nelson, Scoggins, Vandeventer and Wester middle schools. The changes would also impact zones for Clark and Fowler middle schools.
  • Trent Middle School is proposed to be relieved by Staley Middle School, coinciding with proposed changes at the elementary and high school levels.
  • Memorial High School will relieve Heritage, Lone Star and Wakeland high schools. The school will open in 2018 with grades 9-11. It was originally slated to open in 2017 with grades 9-10, but was delayed one year along with the other new schools as a cost-cutting measure.

Frisco ISD will hold public hearings on the proposed changes at the next School Board meeting on November 13. Parents, students and community members may contact or 469.633.6031 with questions or to share input.

The School Board is expected to finalize attendance zones for the 2018-19 school year on December 11. Learn more about the proposed zones and rezoning in FISD at

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