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Riddle Elementary Team Wins First Place at DI Global Finals

Jun 01, 2017

Riddle Elementary Destination Imagination TeamClark Middle School Destination Imagination TeamReedy High School / Pearson Middle School Destination Imagination Team

A team of students from Frisco ISD’s Riddle Elementary School brought home first place medals from the Destination Imagination Global Finals event held May 24-27 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The group – made up of students Harsha Gadiraju, Aaradhya Arkatkar, Neeraj Kulkarni and Eugene Sukhinin – participated in the Scientific Challenge “Top Secret,” which tasked them with combining scientific research and the creativity of the theater arts.

To complete the challenge, the team built a number of cryptographic devices, gadgets and programs such as a hardware-based enigma machine, a public/private key-based RSA software program and a secret camera that was a secret steganography device. They also built a story that was set in an imaginary world made of food that came to life through a storybook backdrop and colorful food costumes. The story showed how the food world was saved from an encrypted virus using decryption devices and methods.  

In addition to their first place finish, the students also earned the Renaissance Award for exceptional skill in the areas of engineering, design and performance for their enigma machine. They were led by parent team manager Yogesh Kulkarni and assisted by Volodymyr Sukhinin. 

A total of nine teams of students from Frisco ISD schools advanced to compete in Global Finals, which is considered the largest celebration of creativity in the world.

Teams from Clark Middle School and Reedy High School/Pearson Middle School placed fourth in the service learning/project outreach category and scientific challenge, respectively, with all teams finishing in the top 25.

Destination Imagination is a parent-led educational program in which student teams solve open-ended challenges and present their solutions at tournaments. The challenges require students to apply science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills, in addition to their talents in improvisation, theater arts, writing, project management, communication, innovation, teamwork, community service and social entrepreneurship.

Student teams advanced through regional and state tournaments in order to qualify for Globals. Congratulations to all the participating teams and their parent team managers:

Bledsoe Elementary

Team The Unfussy Ingeniums – Improvisational Challenge – Team Managers Carolyn Biddulph and Katia Brown – Tied for 20th Place
Madeline Biddulph
Anika Malapati
Naomi Brown
Deepthi Morusupalli

Gunstream Elementary

Team Global 5 – Fine Arts – Team Manager Priya Jesani – 22nd Place
Simran Jesani
Madeline Servant
Joachim Mampilli
Niranjana Arulmanikandan
Khent Tan

Isbell Elementary

Team 7 Wonderers of the World – Scientific Challenge – Team Managers Melanie Classe and Beth Connor – Tied for 15th Place
Mason Classe
Ava Clerkin
Morgan Connor
Sydnee Fry
Sarah Mills
Molly Myers
Shriya Satish

McSpedden Elementary

Team OperaManiacs – Scientific Challenge – Team Manager SriLaxmi Pammi – 16th Place
Aishwarya Kota
Adhya Rajesh
Tanvi Nagilla
Riya Chevuru
Sarah Makda
Achyuth Mathavan
Rohan Suresh

Riddle Elementary

Team Imperial Strikers – Scientific Challenge – Team Manager Yogesh and Suchitra Kulkarni – 1st Place and Renaissance Award
Harsha Gadiraju 
Aaradhya Arkatkar
Neeraj Kulkarni
Eugene Sukhinin 

Clark Middle School

Team Stop! Pure Genius – Service Learning/Project Outreach – Team Manager Sunita Patel – 4th Place and Renaissance Award 
Saraya Patel
Abigail Dutra
Nathaniel Crossman
Reed Davidson
Max Hodes 

Nelson Middle School

Team The 7 Wonders – Science Challenge – Team Manager Veera Vattikuti – Tied for 17th Place
Students from Nelson and Roach middle schools
Shreyansh Dixit
Mahathi  Dasari  
Sreevanth Duggirala  
Vibhas Lekkala  
Pranav Kousik
Abinav Burju
Lakshmi Vattikuti

Liberty High School

Team DIvide by Zero – Engineering Challenge – Team Manager Radhika Tatineni – 20th Place
Students from Liberty and Lebanon Trail high schools
Deepti Aravapalli
Sonika Rao
Aniket Matharasi
Chris Yu
Kaitlin Shin
Aarti Aravapalli

Reedy High School

Team Dusty Tesseracts of Llamacorns – Scientific Challenge – Team Manager Carolyn Biddulph – 4th Place
Students from Reedy High School and Pearson Middle School
Thomas Sanders
Caleb Biddulph
Noelle Saul
Sierra Biddulph

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