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Senior Bus Tour Engages Residents Aged 55 and Older

Apr 07, 2017

Tour Participants Ride School Buses from School to SchoolClark Orchestra Performs for Senior Bus Tour ParticipantsParticipants Interact with Students at Clark Middle SchoolShawnee Trail Principal Welcomes Guests to CampusFrisco ISD Senior Bus Tour Participants 2017

The senior guests who signed up for this year’s annual Frisco ISD Senior Bus Tour experienced the school day at Frisco High School, Clark Middle School and Shawnee Trail Elementary. They visited classes, talked to students and teachers and were exposed to science, math, reading, writing, art and music classes.

 “We were really pleased to have so many new faces on this year’s tour,” said organizer Audrey Adkins, the District’s community outreach liaison. “We got to show off our students and teachers and the schools were just wonderful about providing student guides and access to the classrooms.”

The group of nearly 50 FISD residents aged 55 and older was joined by FISD School Board President Anne McCausland and Board Secretary Debbie Gillespie. The guests were first welcomed by Frisco High Principal Erin Miller and entertained by the FHS Orchestra and All-State harpist Michelle Tong.

At Clark Middle School, the group lunched and played a trivia game with students in the library, toured the school and listened to the Sudler Cup award-winning Clark band and the Clark orchestra. The guests were astounded at the quality of the music programs offered at both FHS and CMS.

Shawnee Trail Elementary Principal Pam Schaeffer showed off a school video inspired by the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds. In the video, one student is heard asking if his teacher thinks the video “will go viral.”

Schaeffer noted that the goal of going viral represents the type of world in which today’s students live. They are very tech savvy and must learn to communicate with people all over the world. Today’s elementary students work on iPads, Chromebooks and desktops as a matter of routine, she explained. Later, some of the tour guests visited a classroom where students skype with other students and professionals such as employees of NASA.

The tour guests were very interested to learn that each elementary school has a music teacher. At Shawnee Trail, they gasped at the site of the wall of ukuleles and African drums.  

Another group looked at the math on an elementary bulletin board and asked each other, “Is that geometry or trigonometry?”

“I want to get involved with a school,” was a common remark throughout the day. Clark Principal Charese Duffey said she would love to have more volunteers on campus. Adkins assured all interested that FISD welcomes adult volunteers. Volunteers must go through a background check before being matched to a school campus. Contact for more information to how to volunteer.

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