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Community and Staff Members Present Budget Ideas

Feb 10, 2017

Community and staff members joined the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees Thursday in offering suggestions to District leaders about ways to balance the budget.

Members of the Board-appointed Stakeholder Committee have been working alongside School Board members and District staff since last fall to develop ideas for cutting costs and generating revenue. They were split into seven Focus Groups to evaluate data and current practices in the following areas:

  • Compensation
  • Class Size / Class Schedules
  • Campus Budgets & Support Staff
  • Central Administration
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Transportation / Custodial / Energy Management
  • Revenue Generation

“Our collective hope was that we would design a process that would bring the community together to identify our priorities as a school district, to recognize the strengths and weaknesses that we have and to arrive and land on our feet with a balanced budget,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeremy Lyon. “That is exactly what has transpired over the last few months.”

Stakeholders presented their recommendations to two internal committees during the special Board workshop. There was an opportunity for questions and feedback regarding all of the ideas presented.

Dr. Lyon expressed his gratitude to the stakeholders for their time, contributions and service to the community and school district.

“The work that you have done has been with integrity and has been done with a sincerity of wanting to help the children of this district and make Frisco ISD stronger than ever,” he said. “I greatly appreciate the work that you have done.”

The Focus Group recommendations will be incorporated into the recommendations of the internal Working Group, which has also been working to identify budget cuts and cost-recovery strategies. The group, which consists of department leaders and school principals, has been analyzing historical spending to better align resources with District and community priorities and expectations.

The internal Steering Committee will gather and evaluate all of the ideas and suggestions, and weigh their impact on student learning and the continued effective operations of the school district. Their recommendations will be presented to the School Board for consideration in April and will become the basis of future budgets. The District plans to present the proposed 2017-18 budget at the May School Board meeting, with final adoption slated for June.

Dr. Lyon pledged this would not be the end of community involvement in the annual budget process.

“This process is here to stay,” he told stakeholders. “Having community and staff members analyzing and scrubbing our budget is a good thing.”

Find meeting minutes and more resources regarding the budget process at

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