FISD Celebrates Top Ten Graduates from Each High School

May 18, 2016

The top ten Raccoons, Titans, Wolverines, Redhawks, Coyotes, Rangers and Knights from the Class of 2016 were celebrated at the 14th annual Frisco ISD Top Ten Luncheon on May 18 at the Collin College Preston Ridge Campus.

These top seniors, their parents and honored teachers of the students' choice were invited to eat lunch, share memories and celebrate their achievements.

“This is a great opportunity to express gratitude to our daughter,” said D. Ray Mantle, the father of a graduating senior from Centennial High School. “This is a fabulous venue and we are amazed at how much Frisco has grown.”

After food and conversation, students were recognized by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeremy Lyon, members of the Board of Trustees and high school principals for being at the top of their graduating classes.

“A sincere and heartfelt congratulations to you, students,” Dr. Lyon said to open the event. “We are so proud of you and are behind you 100 percent.”

In past years, students would speak on stage, giving thanks and reflecting on those who have supported them throughout their high school endeavors. This year, with seven graduating classes and 70 honored students, schools presented videos instead, featuring each student describing their future plans and thanking their families and honored teachers.

The videos highlighted each student’s experiences and the relationships they have developed with their teachers.

“She [Ms. Snyder] has taught me so much on just how to be a good human being and how to conquer adversity through her experiences,” said Rohan Sikdar, a graduating senior from Independence High School. “She is one of the biggest inspirations I have and I hope I can be even half of the person she is one day.”

Centennial senior Austin Jacobs said, “My teacher [Mr. Stern] took the word ‘teacher’ and turned it into ‘friend.’”

Their statements reflected Frisco ISD’s mission to know every child by name and need.

“Words cannot begin to describe the passion and commitment she [Ms. Sternitzke] has to us students, both as our friend and our teacher,” said Harrison Hicks, a graduating senior from Wakeland High School. “It takes a truly special type of person to take a subject like chemistry and make it a fun and exciting class where it is a joy to come to class each day.”

“As a busy AP student, I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful the feeling is when I know I can walk into a classroom and talk about anything and everything,” said Sunjoili Aggarwal, the valedictorian at Liberty High School. “Señora Bainbridge is the main reason why I didn’t drop Spanish IV junior year, and I think it is an amazing testament to her skills as an educator that she had a 100 percent passing rate her first year teaching an AP class.”

After the videos played, students and their honored teachers walked across the stage and accepted awards for reaching the top of their classes academically.

The soon-to-be graduates plan to attend colleges and universities across the state and country, including The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Texas at Dallas, Southern Methodist University, Texas A&M University, University of Missouri at Kansas City, Cornell University, University of Alabama, Stanford University, Duke University, Washington University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among others.

Congratulations to the top ten students from each high school, as well as their honored teachers:

Centennial High School

Nicole Sun, valedictorian • Laura Fitzgerald
Kathryn Davis, salutatorian • Karen Sticksel
Austin Jacobs • Andy Stern
Brayden Geiger • George Singler
Dolly Mantle • Judy Birkes
Lindsey Morrison • Dianna Bacon
Megan Green • George Singler
Nicole Kiser • Stephanie Ball
Rachel Thompson • Matt Pirtle
Tushara Devarakonda • Jane Smith

Frisco High School

Hailey Elizabeth Jenkins, valedictorian • Megan England
Anna Heh Sun Kim, salutatorian • Jim Wirwahn
Sierra G Brown • Sarah Stobaugh
Juhwan Jeong • Scott Cronin
Karolina Wiktoria Rymarz • Wendy Wilson
Uma Yogesh Patel • Karene Goff-Owen
Rahul Reddy Tirumalareddy • Scott Kaufman
Kristin Park • Ginny Sadri
Evan A Bradshaw • Daniel Dollinger
Alexandra Marie Massman • Christina Hawkes

Heritage High School

Jaswant Mallavaram, valedictorian • Fern Edwards-Ferguson
Olivia Callan, salutatorian • Charlotte Caskey
Alexandra Gorman • Jacqueline Hollowell
Amulya Gaddam • Gabriel Fain
Antonio Mendiola • Sarah Wiseman
Braden Torres-Labrie • Anthony Hicks
Devon Callan • Jason Prasifka
Lakshmi Kunam • Matt Pirtle
Paulina Barron • Matthew Motley
Shivam Dutt • Christine Peterson

Independence High School

Sruthi Boddu, valedictorian • Emily Snyder
Michelle Li, salutatorian • Nancy Segalini
Naman Gangwani • Meg Reichard
Natasha Sinha • Stu Johnson
Prithvi Karyampudi • Ryan Nelson
Rohan Sikdar • Emily Snyder
Sophia DeSalvo • Dennis Cook
Sriharika Gottipolu • Dina Edwards
Kaivalya Gudoori • Meg Reichard
Kartik Kulkarni • Justin Bohannon

Liberty High School

Sunjoli Aggarwal, valedictorian • Amanda Bainbridge
Yash Kadakia, salutatorian • Jeff Schrantz
Abel Sen • Gary Mumford
Sarah Samuel • Brian Wysong
Sabrina Peng • Julie Blackstock
Sage Simmons • Jeff Crowe
Victoria Meng • Hillary Wysong
Eun Kim • Julie Rutherford
Hongsheng Zhao • Jennifer Rumery
Shanee Lu • Dina Baalbaki

Lone Star HIgh School

Michael Milton, valedictorian • Tim Golden
Callie Angell, salutatorian • Ellen Lyon
Monica Braun • Jackie Steele
Antonia DeGraff • Ben Ewald
Christian Heuchert • Brook Fesco
Shavini Hewage • Christina Thomas
Sanjana Pai • Rich Balling
Rachel Shaffer • Anna Ray
Samantha Waters • Andrew Harrison
Ashini Wijesundera • Katie Nelson

Wakeland High School

Paul Walter, valedictorian • Ashley Luhrs
Ryan Monson, salutatorian • T.J. Renshaw
Lauren Asay • Kim Church
Harrison Hicks • Sandra Sternitzke
Tara Kuruvilla • Chris Malloy
Sonia Redkar • Geoff Smith
Hanna Stewart • Wendie Scalf
Chase Vogeli • Gerry Miller
Colten Schwalbe • Stephanie Ward
Maggie Yu • Rebecca Jones

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Independence Top Ten Student Sriharika Gottipolu Accepts CongratulationsHeritage Top Ten Student Braden Torres-Labrie and His Teacher Anthony HicksCrowd Watches Videos from Frisco High SchoolLiberty Salutatorian Yash Kadakia and Teacher Jeff SchrantzWakeland Top Ten Student Lauren Asay and Teacher Kim ChurchLone Star Top Ten Student Ashini Wijesundera and Teacher Katie NelsonCentennial Students Megan Green and Brayden Geiger with Teacher George Singler
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