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Frisco ISD Trains High School Students on Ways to Improve Campus Climate

Sep 11, 2014

Student Ambassador Training Frisco ISD is empowering its student leaders to take a more active role in building positive school climate.

About 80 high school students from across the District took part in a training program on ways to prevent bullying, substance abuse, suicide, stress and more.

Over the course of the school year, the student ambassadors will serve on their campuses’ School Climate Committees and work with staff members on ideas and strategies to help all students feel safe, connected and valued.

“I think it’s a good way to relay messages between administrators and students and learn how to be a leader in the school,” said Heritage High School Student Council President Elijah Miller.

Students will work to create an atmosphere of acceptance on campus, assist in planning and implementing drug, violence and suicide prevention efforts and mentor younger students, among other responsibilities.

The goal is to utilize Student Council (StuCo) and Teen Leadership classes to provide more organization and time for these efforts during the school day.

Students recently heard from guest speakers including Stan Davis, an author and national bullying prevention expert, and State Representative Scott Turner, a former NFL player and motivational speaker who spoke to students about servant leadership and perseverance. 

“We’re asking these students to challenge existing social norms and to serve as role models on their campuses,” said Frisco ISD Student Assistance Coordinator James Caldwell. “That might mean reaching out to peers who are having a tough time at school or helping to promote healthy lifestyles among students and staff.”

The District prides itself in a smaller schools philosophy, which gives high school students more opportunities to be involved in activities and organizations and to develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults at school.

Studies show students who feel connected to their school do better academically, enjoy school more and attend classes more regularly. They also:

  • Are more likely to graduate
  • Are more likely to experience emotional health and well-being
  • Have fewer behavioral problems
  • Are less likely to:
    • Use drugs or alcohol
    • Bully or be bullied
    • Self harm or have suicidal thoughts
    • Exhibit disruptive or violent behavior or carry a weapon
    • Engage in early sexual behavior
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