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Getting Kids to and from School Safely is Everybody's Business

Our students get to and from school by many means - some ride the bus, some walk, some ride their bikes and some are car riders.

Bussing students to school began during the times when most areas were rural, and the only way to get students to the schools so they could be educated was to provide transportation to and from remote areas. Public school transportation is not mandated by law - providing buses for transportation is a local decision. If school systems do choose to provide bus transportation, then the state will reimburse the school district a portion of the cost of transporting students who live more than two miles from their assigned campus. Transporting students within the two-mile limit is extremely cost prohibitive, which is why most school districts do not offer this service.

If a student lives within two miles of the school, it becomes the parents' responsibility for providing or arranging transportation. This is one reason we are trying to build elementary schools and stabilize zones in order to provide as close to a neighborhood school concept as possible. For those students whose parents opt for them to walk, ride bikes or ride in cars, the safe route then becomes a community issue.

When it comes to city roadways, the city determines if stop signs are put in, when traffic lights are established and where sidewalks are placed. They also determine, based on traffic studies, if a crossing guard is necessitated to facilitate students crossing roadways on their way to and from school. If they determine a crossing guard is needed, the school district agreed a few years back to be responsible for hiring the crossing guard and paying half of the cost.

The city also makes the final decision in regard to where schools zones begin and end and is responsible for placing the signs. They have also been very visible in the past during those times of day as a reminder to us all to observe the posted speed limit.

Driving slowly and being observant of students walking to and from school is something all of us must be committed to. Watching for buses and stopping when their red flashers are on and the stop sign is out is also something all citizens must do diligently.

For many working parents, transportation and care for their children outside of school hours is a source of concern and stress. Many of our citizens are recent move-ins who have not yet had a chance to form a network of support among neighbors and other parents, which makes arranging for carpooling and other such things more difficult.

As a general rule, our schools are open about 30-40 minutes before school starts. We have asked that parents not drop their students off any earlier than that, because there is inadequate supervision, which is a safety concern. Currently, there is after-school care provided at our elementary schools, either through the Edsolutions, the YMCA, or both. There are also many daycares that pick up students at school and take them to their sites for after-school care.

We want to reiterate that we are here to listen to you, our parents and community members, and to hear your concerns, your ideas and your suggestions. If you have a transportation issue to be addressed, call Karen Sadler, Transportation Coordinator, at (469) 633-6000, or Doug Zambiasi, Executive Director of Administrative Services, at (469) 633-6000.

Thank you for your support, and please visit our website frequently for updates and answers to frequently asked questions.


Frisco ISD Transportation

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