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Enrollment & Registration

Online Registration

For students returning to Frisco ISD schools in the 2013-14 school year, the District will continue to utilize an online registration system called Infosnap to collect updated information for the new year. By replacing previous paper practices with an online process, Frisco ISD is reducing paper waste, improving accuracy, increasing efficiency and saving parents time.

Parents and guardians will receive a separate email beginning the last week of July for each individual student that contains online registration instructions and a unique snapcode that is needed to begin the online registration process for that student.

If you are the parent or guardian of multiple students, you may not receive all of these snapcode emails at the same time. However, all snapcodes will be emailed to the primary parent or guardian by the end of the first week in August. Once a snapcode is received, parents and guardians can begin the online registration process for that student.

If you have not received your snapcode by the end of the first week in August, contact your campus beginning August 7 to verify email contact information. Other opportunities for support and assistance will be contained within the Infosnap invitation email.



New Student/First-Time Enrollment Information

If you are new to Frisco ISD, click here for information regarding early enrollment for elementary students. You will need to provide your campus with the following documents in order to enroll your student:

General Enrollment Questions: Contact your child's campus

Technical Problems
If you have a received a snapcode and still have technical issues, you may contact the infosnap support line: 866-986-1601 ext. 7095 or

Online Registration Process FAQ

Upon completion of the pre-enrollment/ethnicity form, or if you are a returning student, you will receive an e-mail by the end of the first week of August, with a link and "snapcode" which will allow you to complete the registration process online. Below are some frequently asked questions concerning this online process. If you are a new student registering after this time, you may follow a different process. Contact your campus for further instructions.

arrowWhat if I have transferred to a new FISD school?

If you have transferred to a new school or moved schools for another reason, please go ahead and complete the online registration process for your OLD campus.  Upon completion of the online process, please contact the NEW campus for further instructions.  You will bring your signature page to the new campus as well. 

arrowWhat if my e-mail has changed?

If you feel you do not have a current e-mail on file with your child's campus, please contact them to update your information. E-mail WILL BE the primary medium for sending snapcode information in July.


I live with someone else (friend, relative, etc.) and have no proof of residence in my name.

Please download the Statement of Residence Form. Fill out the form, have it notarized, and bring it to your campus along with a proof of residence for the house or apartment you are living in.

arrowI have my snapcode. (Snapcodes not sent out until late July/early August))
If you have your snapcode, you are ready to begin registration. Click here to begin online registration. English | Spanish

arrowWhat's a snapcode?

In an effort to reduce paper waste, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and save parents time, we have replaced some of our previous paper practices with online alternatives. Parents/guardians will receive a registration invitation to update student information using a unique registration code (this is your snapcode) for each student, on a yearly basis.

Although parents will receive a letter and snapcode for each student, much of the information from the first student you register will copy over very easily to the additional students you may need to register.  Upon completion of the process, a signature page must be printed, signed and returned for each student to their campus, along with proof of residence.

Note: You will not be able to begin the online enrollment/registration process until you receive this unique student code via letter and/or email.

arrowWhat if I set up an infosnap account last year?

You will use the same username and password if you have an existing account.  The snapcode will be different for this year.  If you don't remember the user credentials, you may have them e-mailed to you and/or use security questions set up last year to retrieve that information.  Also, you may contact tech support at infosnap to gain assistance in this process.  See above for this contact info.

arrowI don't have a snapcode, now what?
Snapcodes are being sent out towards the end of July. You must wait for your registration invitation which contains your snapcode before you can begin registration. Once you have received your snapcode, return to this page to begin registration.

arrowI need help registering or I don't have internet access.

If you need assistance with the process or internet access, please talk to the representative at your campus. A customer service line is also available for technical assistance.

Visit the campus websites for directions to each location or go to


I've lost my snapcode, now what?

If you have lost your snapcode, contact the data clerk at your campus.


I've already finished registration, but I need to make a change to my information.

Once you have submitted your registration you'll need to fill out the Change of Information Form (English & Spanish)


I'm a new or first-time enrolling student, how do I get started?

Read below for more information.


For zoning information visit

Kindergarten Registration
Pre-Kindergarten Registration