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Welcome to the 2006-2007 School Year! (August, 2006)

The weeks building up to the start of a new school year are always filled with excitement and anticipation as if it were the first. Despite the fact that many of us here in FISD have several years of experience under our belts, we still get to enjoy many “firsts” in this growing and diverse school system.

This year we are opening six new schools, another first in FISD. Previously our biggest year for opening schools was five in 2002; two of the schools we are opening this year are high schools.

In 2006-2007 we are projected to have about 24,000 students enrolled by October. This is an increase of more than 4,000 students from one school year to the next – another first in FISD.

This week we received the accountability ratings from the state and we were again recognized as a school district. All of our elementary and middle schools were rated as recognized or exemplary, another first for us. Our teachers should be applauded for the great teaching and learning that is taking place in our schools, but we are always aware that the work is ongoing. Math and science will continue to be a district-wide focus, particularly at the secondary level. But for marked improvement to take place in the upper grades, we know we must strive to further challenge our younger students and explore the best ways to sequence teaching and deliver instruction so that more students are demonstrating mastery of the material.

When we met with our new teachers beginning their education careers this week, I told them that 30 years ago when I sat in an in-service with the teachers of Frisco ISD there were 50 of us total. This year, we will have 1,642 teachers and a total of almost 3,000 employees. We are proud to welcome many new employees to the district, with about 550 of them being professional hires and about 320 in support positions. Of the 471 new teachers we have hired, 148 of them are brand new to the profession.

We do hope that our parents know that each new school year we here in FISD - the Board of Trustees and the staff - renew our commitment to provide a safe and exceptional learning environment for their children. We strive to hire the best and most qualified teachers and employees who will care for the students as if they were their own. We seek to provide training and resources to make sure that we challenge students to achieve and stretch them to their highest level. We want to continually improve, and with the help of parents and the community we plan to make this the best year ever.

Rick Reedy
Superintendent of Schools