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UIL 2008-2010 Re-Alignment Announced(February, 2008)


            Every two years, in the first week of February, the statewide governing body of secondary school athletics (commonly known as the University Scholastic League) hands down the district assignments that every high school in the state will be competing in for the next two years.  On February 1st of this year, Frisco HS, Centennial HS, Wakeland HS, and Liberty HS were all placed in Region II, District 9-AAAA. 

            Some people ask how districts are determined by the UIL.  In October of the same year, each school in the state of Texas sends to the UIL their enrollment, or projected enrollment, for their particular high school.  There are several ways this can be calculated.  In a district in which growth is stable and they are not adding schools, their enrollment is simply calculated by adding the 9th-12th graders currently enrolled at that high school.  In fast growing school districts such as Frisco ISD with multiple high schools and who are phasing in enrollments like we will be doing over at  Liberty, projected enrollments are used by various calculations.

            In October, Frisco High School’s enrollment for the fall of 2007 was calculated to be 1,477 students.  Centennial High School’s enrollment was calculated to be 1,628 next fall.  Wakeland High School’s enrollment was figured to be 1,455.  Using a formula devised by the UIL, Liberty High School’s projected enrollment could be determined as well.  Liberty’s projected enrollment for (3) grades was calculated to be 1,217.  For placement into a UIL district, Liberty’s numbers were then “extended” by use of a multiplier, and a determination was made by the UIL as to their classification.  At all of our FISD high school campuses, the actual enrollment for the fall of ‘08 could fluctuate some up and down from these projections. However, the figures sent to the UIL were based on data collected last October.

            In order to participate in the AAAA division for the next two years a school’s enrollment had to fall between 980-2,084 students.  This year, all four Frisco ISD high schools were in that range so they were assigned to a AAAA district.  Regions and districts are formed according to geography.  The UIL tries to organize districts so they will have as little travel as possible.  All four Frisco ISD high schools were assigned to a district that includes Frisco, Centennial, Wakeland, Liberty, McKinney, McKinney North, Sherman, and Denison for the 2008-2010 school years.

            Currently these districts are for football and basketball competition.  However, rarely are the districts different for volleyball, cross-country, tennis, baseball, softball, golf, and track, than they are for football and basketball.  Three sports that are sometimes an exception, when it comes to being in the same district with the other sports, are soccer, swimming, and wrestling.  This is because, in the state of Texas, not all schools participate in soccer, swimming, and wrestling.  The UIL assignments for soccer, swimming, and wrestling will come out in early April.

            As far as the Frisco ISD middle schools are concerned, they are not tied to the same districts as the high schools.  Frisco ISD has been in the North Central Texas Middle School District since adding a second middle school in 2000.  However, beginning in the fall of ’08, all nine of the Frisco ISD middle schools will be in a district of their own.  Schools included in this newly formed MS district will be Staley, Clark, Wester, Pioneer Heritage, Griffin, Roach, Fowler, Scoggins, and Stafford.

            All in all, Frisco ISD was pleased with the new alignment for all high schools and middle schools.  We feel the travel is accommodating and there will be a good competitive balance between opponents.  We might also see some tuff competition with Sherman and Denison, along with continued rivalries in McKinney and McKinney North.  Also, beginning in ’08, four teams can advance into the play-offs in team sports.  I like Frisco ISD’s chances of making it into post season play in every sport.

Congratulations & good luck at state to the following:

Swimming & Diving

Centennial – Girls: District Champs, Regional Champs, 2 Reg. records

                                  7 state qualifiers

                       Boys: District Runner-Up, Regional Runner-Up, 1 Reg. record

                                  5 state qualifiers

Frisco – Boys: District Champs, Regional Champs, 6 Reg. records

                         6 state qualifiers

              Girls: 4th at District, 3rd at Regional, 2 state qualifiers                      

Wakeland – Boys: 3rd at District, 3rd at Regional, 1 state qualifier

                     Girls: 3rd at District, 5th at Regional, 1 state qualifier

Liberty – Girls: District Runner-Up, 4th at Regional, 1 state qualifier


Centennial – Girls: District Champs, 4th at Regional, 2 state qualifiers

                       Boys: District Runner-Up, 10th at Regional, 2 state qualifiers

Frisco – Girls: District Runner-Up, 8th at Regional, 2 state qualifiers

               Boys: District Champs, 23rd at Regional, 1 state qualifier

Liberty – Girls: 3rd at District, 10th at Regional, 3 state qualifiers

                 Boys: 5th at District, 30th at Regional

Wakeland – Girls: 4th at District, 13th at Regional, 1 state qualifier

                      Boys: 3rd at District, 32nd at Regional


Frisco – Girls: Area Champs, playing in Regional Quarter-finals

               Boys: playing in Bi-District

Wakeland – Girls: Area Champs, playing in Regional Quarter-finals

                      Boys: playing in Bi-District

Liberty – Girls: Bi-District finalist