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Isbell Kindergarten Students Share Thanksgiving Feast and Thoughts (November, 2005)

Bright elementaryIsbell Elementary School kindergarten students and their parents enjoyed a Frisco Independent School District tradition Thursday with their Thanksgiving feast complete with turkey, pumpkin pie, decorative place mats and costumes made out of construction paper.

Pilgrim girls wore white caps, pilgrim boys the traditional big black hat but across the room it seemed more students chose to represent the Native American tribal people costumed construction paper feathered headdresses.

Several students were selected from each class to take the stage and tell the assembly the things for which they were thankful. Turkey headed the list but after one child said he was thankful for Ms. Marlowe – several other students seemed to think they better follow suit and mention their teacher’s by name. Pumpkin pie, friends, God, mom and dad and even “my fish,” got a mention as well.


Isbell ElementarySeveral students discussed what they like about Thanksgiving and what they like to eat. Barrett Wright even shared with his tablemates his idea of how to cook a turkey. “First you cut the feathers off, then you cut the skin off, third you cut the head off - put it in the fire (the turkey body not the head) and cook it for 15 minutes.” Wright said. Asked how he seasoned his turkey he said, counting off the ingredients on his fingers – “salt, sugar and flour.” He said he would serve his turkey on plates but when told that the original colonists didn’t have the same utensils such as we use today he pronounced that they probably used sticks.

Other schools throughout the district also held feasts for their kindergarten students.

Frisco students will be out of school November 21-25. Teachers have staff development on Monday and Tuesday. The administration offices will be open on Monday and Tuesday.