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Textbook Update (September, 2006)

As you are aware, the state has changed how textbooks are distributed to the Texas public schools. The Texas Education Agency no longer maintains a textbook warehouse, so textbooks that are already in use now come from other school districts who have a surplus, as well as the publishing warehouses. Another change occurred regarding how many books a school district can order. When we place our order for books in the spring, we can only order three percent more than the current student population at that time. In a district that is growing by more than 20 percent annually, this standard creates great difficulty in making sure that all of our students have textbooks. As we enroll students and have increased needs for books, we submit supplemental orders, however, the enrollment is outpacing the speed at which books can be ordered, shipped and delivered to schools. The three percent above enrollment allotment does not give a growing district much buffer. We continue to place supplemental orders and are awaiting shipments from the warehouses and from other districts. This is an imperfect system, but it is the one within which we must work. You can get specific information about book status at your campus from the administrative offices.