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Christie First Grade Rounds Up Learning (Februaryrattlesnake round-up at Christie, 2008)

estimating how many pieces of macaroni can fit on an armadilloThe eyes of Texas are on Christie Elementary as first grade students learn about their state heritage and enjoy “rounding up” facts and knowledge about cowboy life.

The first grade Texas Round-Up at Christie Elementary meets the goal of integrating curriculum across the subject areas of social studies, reading, writing, and math while teaching the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each content area.

The event serves to meet the goal of providing authentic, real-life learning experiences that have meaning for young children. In this case the life of cowboys in Texas history serves as the theme for a motivating learning experience as we all dress up in cowboy gear.

At Christie, Bilingual and English-speaking students join together for these wonderful learning activities, which include estimating pasta pieces to cover an armadillo, creating a rattlesnake and writing a description, taking a bandana and creating a masterpiece, studying about Texas ranch brands, and singing Texas songs and reciting poetry around the campfire.  The first graders at Christie eagerly await the next round-up, according to Lisa Moreland, language/social studies curriculum planner.