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Teachers On Ice 2005

Teachers on ice

Special Thanks to all those who made the Teachers on Ice event a success - just under $8,500 was raised for the Frisco Education Foundation with this event!

The Frisco Education Foundation generates funding for college scholarships and innovative programs for the classroom. For more information please contact K. Jonas at (469) 633--6860.

Photo provided by Jeff Staples.

West Team: Sponsored by First National Bank Southwest
Coach: RICK REEDY, FISD Superintendent
Mike Medlin - Boals
Chris Shallcross - Boals
Laurie Weeks - Boals
Karen Kraft - FHS
Darilyn Krempkin - FHS
John Mistr—Fisher
Janie Litchford - FHS
Grace McDowell - FHS
Sylvia Palacios - FHS
Carly Rogers - FHS
Bob Rose - FHS
Allison Fowler— Rogers
Denise Cornell - Sparks
Kristina Goforth - Sparks
Jennell Verow - Sparks
Shelley Wooten - Sparks
Chuck Crawford - Technology
East Team: Sponsored by Land Rover of Frisco
GEORGE PUREFOY, Frisco City Manager
Sherri Bono - Borchardt
Cheryl Darnell - Borchardt
Andrea Gilstrap - Borchardt
Brandon Hunter - Borchardt
Sandy Hicks - Borchardt
Monica Jackson - Borchardt
Morgan McShane—Borchardt
Courtney Murphy - Borchardt
Rachelle Mulanax - Centennial HS
Matthew Hudspeth - Centennial HS
Katie Kordel - Clark MS
Stephanie Hatten - Clark MS
Ricky Beeler- Curtsinger
Laverne Forwark—Curtsinger
Mikal Hughey— Curtsinger
Julie Frame - Gunstream
Aaron Sparks—Gunstream
Rachel Taylor - Gunstream
Lori Buescher— Isbell
Gayla Cruikshank— Isbell
David Curtis—Isbell
Keli McAfee—Isbell
Mia Bennett - Riddle
Jina Paoli - Riddle
Brett Shelby - Riddle
Manuel Gonzales - Riddle
Greg Hatt - Riddle
Erin Hall - Shawnee Trail
Matt Kimball—Smith Elementary Player coach
Matt Kimball - Smith