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Staley Hosts Texas Math and Science Coaches Association Math and Science Competition
(January, 2007)

As Frisco grows, the city continues to become the hot spot for hosting events. Concerts, soccer championships and festivals have all discovered that Frisco is the place to be. This enthusiasm has not missed the educational arena. On Saturday, January 20, Staley Middle School hosted Frisco’s first ever Texas Math and Science Coaches Association (TMSCA) Math and Science competition. This organization uses the UIL’s format for the Number Sense, Calculator, Math and Science events.

While Staley hosted TMSCA’s maiden voyage in Frisco, every middle school in the district constructed a team to bring to the competition. In addition to the Frisco schools, 21 other schools around the Metroplex made the trip as well, bringing with them over 350 students from grades fifth through eighth.

This event is one of ten practice events held throughout the area in order to prepare the participants to qualify for a state competition. Students must meet a predetermined test score during one of the three qualifier events in order to make it to the state competition. Shirley Carroll, the Math sponsor at Staley Middle School, believes that the Math and Science competition, and the practice that goes along with it, is a huge factor in the success of students who participate.

“This program is fun for the kids. It is an amazing thing to see so many students willing to give up their Saturday and spend four hours taking tests. I’ve heard juniors who once participated in these competitions comment that they believed this helped them score better on their SATs and ACTs since they became accustomed to the stress of timed tests,” Mrs. Carroll said. Mrs. Carroll continued, “Any student with an interest or skill in math or science would benefit greatly from this program and should join the Math and Science Club at their school.”

Staley is very grateful for the community businesses and private donors that helped make this event so successful. “We received a lot of compliments about the job our teachers and volunteers did in putting this event together and running it so smoothly,” said Mr. Dennis McDonald, principal of Staley Middle School. “It is a wonderful thing to see Frisco grow so we can have events like this and give every student in Frisco an opportunity to be part of something special.”