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FISD Dedicates Two New Middle Schools (September, 2008)

Debbie Scoggins speaks at Scoggins Middle SchoolSue Stafford greets an old college friend, Ruth Ann Edwards, at dedication

Frisco Independent School District celebrated the dedication of the district’s two newest middle schools Sunday, September 21.    Richard L. Scoggins Middle School is located on 7070 Stacy Road in McKinney and Sue Wilson Stafford Middle School is located at 2288 Little River Road in West Frisco.

Superintendent Rick Reedy remembered the late Richard Scoggins with great emotion. He recalled the weekend where their friendship was cemented – long before Scoggins was a school board member and long before Reedy was Superintendent. The two rode together on a trip to North Arkansas to rescue the First United Methodist Church Youth Group which had been stranded when their chaperone’s vehicle broke down.

“We spent 22 hours riding together. You get to know someone when you spend 22 hours together,” Reedy said. He described Scoggins as a man who was always interesting and always positive. Scoggins was a hard-working businessman who did not change in latter years when his work produced great monetary success. He was known for his generosity which benefitted many needy students and it was noted that he gave a very significant donation to Frisco Education Foundation made just days after his retirement from the Board.

Scoggins’ long-time neighbor Buddy Minett, who served his first year on the board as Scoggins was serving his last, recalled a man who was quiet but a great thinker. He observed that Scoggins had been reluctant to become board president but ended up taking that position for five years. Those were years of great change and growth in Frisco ISD and Scoggins led the board effectively and with great patience.  Minett and Scoggins lived across the street from each other for many years. Scoggins had four daughters and Minett has five. They were both band parents and both had hobbies that kept them out of the house and in their workshops. Minett, like many of Scoggins long-time friends, knew his habits very well. Minett recalled that for years every nice afternoon Richard Scoggins sit out in his driveway in an old folding lawn chair. It was a time for him to think about school board issues, his family and his goals. Those goals are met now – and Scoggins Middle School is a lasting example of his dedication.

Rev. Judith Reedy was the guest speaker at the Sue Wilson Stafford dedication. She and husband Superintendent Rick Reedy have been close friends with this beloved teacher since they moved to Frisco in 1979. “With Sue it is all about the kids,” Rev. Reedy said, noting that she spent several nights trying to talk to Sue in preparation for the dedication speech. Stafford would never talk about herself just the students. Stafford is beginning her 40th year in education but it is her work to reach out to migrant students and students in need that have made her name a household word among Frisco educators. Rev. Reedy recalls that in the days before there was a Frisco Family Services  people took clothes, small and large appliances, and furniture to the Stafford carport where those in need knew they could go and get what they needed.

Stafford thanked the school board for choosing to name the schools after educators and community leaders such as Richard Scoggins. She noted that when the board chose to nominate her for a school name that they were really giving the honor to all working teachers. “Where I grew up they named schools after people like Will Rogers or Horace Mann….”  Stafford honored her father and late mother for raising her in a home that was open to all. She introduced her children and her family as well as many of the students she had “mothered” over the years and thanked their parents for sharing them. But at the end she had the students of Stafford Middle School stand and be honored, because “It is all about the kids,” she said.