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Dallas Maverick's Broadcaster Mark Folowill Visits Sparks Elementary Students (April, 2005)

Mark FolowillMav's radio broadcaster Mark Folowill spoke to Sparks Elementary fifth graders on Monday about the importance of education and doing your best. He spoke to the students the day before they were to take the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test in math. He told them that math is a very important subject to master and that those skills are used every day and in all types of work. Mr. Folowill said that in his job as broadcaster he has to be able to think on his feet and do calculations quickly in his head. English is important in his field as well - giving him the ability to communicate well. Students enjoyed his visit and asked very good questions about his job, including when he knew he wanted to be a broadcaster, how he got his job, and the most memorable moment he remembers as the Maverick's broadcaster.