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Today’s Forecast: Blue Skies and Bright Futures (April, 2006)

Today’s Forecast: Blue Skies and Bright FuturesStaley Middle School has an abundance of superb students that excel at a multitude of activities. Award winning band members, terrific singers, mock trial enthusiasts and superior athletes all roam the halls of Frisco’s oldest middle school. The most recent group of students to proudly walk around campus are the “McDonald’s Whiz Kids” for the month of March.

No, these students are not named after the school’s principal, they are a group of students from Melissa Hazlewood’s advisory class. Mrs. Hazlewood is an eighth grade Literature teacher who discovered an opportunity for her class to collaborate and participate in a project created by the local affiliate for CBS 11 that encourages students to study science. The class researched and answered a question together before sending in their information to be added to a random drawing if their answer was correct.

Not only did Mrs. Hazlewood’s class get the answer right, they won the drawing and some pampering that any middle school child would envy. Mrs. Hazlewood’s students were treated to a complimentary McDonald’s lunch and a free T-Shirt from the “McDonald’s Whiz Kids” sponsors and on April 5, they received their main prize. Stephanie Lucero, a lead reporter for CBS 11 in Dallas, stopped by to talk to the class during their catered lunch. Ms. Lucero discussed her professional journey with the students and strongly encouraged them to follow their dreams and not be discouraged by setbacks.

The class gets more time in the spotlight on Thursday, April 13, when they will have their class picture featured on the 6 o’clock evening news on Channel 11. “I think it was a wonderful experience for the students to work so hard on this project, individually and as a team, and be rewarded for their work,” Mrs. Hazlewood said. “Unfortunately we cannot always give children tangible acknowledgment for their hard work, but this program really goes the extra mile.”

Mrs. Hazlewood’s class will now be entered in a twice-a-year drawing to win a class tour of the CBS 11 studios in Ft. Worth.