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Staley Students Expand Their Horizons (February, 2006)

Staley Students Expand Their HorizonsOn Saturday February 11, 2006, twenty-three female students and two teachers from Staley Middle School attended the “Expanding Your Horizons” math and science conference in Denton. Students who attended the career conference for young women traveled to Texas Women’s University for a day full of workshops and activities. The purpose of the workshops was to enable all of the middle school age attendees to envision careers available to women in several areas involving math and science.

During the convention, each girl was allowed to pick three courses of her choosing out of the “Career Exploration Workshop” catalogue. With over sixteen choices, the students were allowed to gets their hands dirty with subjects such as dentistry, field biology, mathematics, zoology and much more. In addition, the conference also offered parents and teachers in attendance three courses designed to assist them in mentoring, guiding and preparing these girls for a successful life and career involving math and science.

Leading the charge for the Staley students were sixth grade science teachers Tara Allen and Meredith Barnes. “It was great to be able to see the girls get excited about the variety of topics we encountered during our day,” Ms. Allen said. There was also a bonus for the budding female scientists in the group. “For the girls to see all of the women that are involved in fascinating fields and excitedly discussing their careers, it really makes an impact on what they could do in their own lives,” Ms. Allen explained.

Expanding Your Horizons Conference at TWU 2006 – Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Barnes

Bayless, Nicole
Burnett, Devin
Ferguson, Rachel
Garner, Jessica
Geren, Kirstie
Hassen, Leyatt
Heil, Emily
Jawad, Nada Said
Johnson, Victoria
Kenny, Christina
Lowery, Sade
Njamfa, Nyia
Robason, Erin
Rohde, Lynsea
Rohde, Chelsea
Stallworth, Shantel
Turk, Ashton
Ubani, Chikaodi
Vega, Ashley
Vega, Christina
Weber, Emmalee
Wilkins, Ellie
Wright, Cheyann