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Christina Wagner of Staley Named Metroplex Children’s Choir Teacher of the Year (February, 2006)

Christina WagnerStaley Choir and String Director Christina Wagner is the new Metroplex Choir Teacher of the Year honored by the Metroplex Children’s Choir, an extracurricular choir that includes members from Staley and Pioneer Heritage Middle Schools.

As Frisco Independent School District grows and brings in new programs and teachers there have been opportunities for new ideas that allow students to spread their wings in extracurricular activities. One such activity is the Metroplex Children’s Choir. The choir is made up of 4th, 5th and 6th grade students from Plano, Lewisville, Denton and, now, Frisco. Frisco is represented by Pioneer Heritage and Staley Middle Schools.

Wagner started working with the choir six years ago while she was a teacher in the Carrollton school district. Due to her tireless work with the students at Staley and the Children’s Choir, this year Ms. Wagner was named Metroplex Children’s Choir Teacher of the Year during the annual performance on February 11. The Children’s Choir Administration Board voted on Ms. Wagner who received her award in front of a large crowd at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas.

Honored and surprised by the award, Ms. Wagner spoke strongly about her involvement with the choir. ” I believe in the choir very strongly,” she said. “These students are hand-picked and then they work so hard and when the concert goes on, it is like nothing they have ever seen or done before,” Ms. Wagner continued. Despite the fact that Ms. Wagner has to devote a lot of her time to the choir outside of her every day job, she is excited about the future of the choir and the possibility to take on an expanded role in setting up the event each year. “I feel really blessed to have the chance to work with this kind of program and work with the types of kids we have,” Ms. Wagner said.