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Dallas Cowboy visits FISD Elementary School (October, 2005)

Principal Sherri Wakeland, Jason Witten, and Marcus Cashaw Jason Witten Jason & Marcus
Shawnee Trail Fifth grader Marcus Cashaw spends a day at school with Cowboy Tight End Jason Witten. (Click photos for a larger view)

Shawnee Trail Elementary students were treated Tuesday to a visit from Dallas Cowboy Tight End Jason Witten.
Fifth grader Marcus Cashaw, who has attended Shawnee Trail since it opened in 2000, won a contest through JC Penney called "Take a Player to School." Witten was one of 34 NFL players participating in this program.

Witten picked up Marcus from his home in a limo and took him to school. Marcus introduced Jason to the other fifth graders and Witten discussed with the students the importance of staying in school, of participating in after-school activities and educational programs, and of staying away from drugs and other things that would keep students from achieiving their goals. He answered questions from the students before they went outside and he threw passes to Marcus' classmates. Witten also went to the classroom and helped students work on a math learning game involving fractions.

"Witten's visit will be a moment the students will remember forever and he was a wonderful representative of the league and the sport," Principal Sherri Wakeland said. She also extended special thanks to the NFL, JCPenney and the Dallas Cowboys.