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Shattered Dreams Brings Reality of DUI to Wakeland (April, 2008)

simulated crashsimulation of crash rescueEach Spring the Frisco Police Department and Frisco Fire Department present Shattered Dreams, a program designed to bring home the realities of possible results of driving while drinking alcohol or using drugs, at a Frisco ISD high school; this year’s event was held April 17 and 18 at Wakeland High School.

The event includes an assembly where students are told of an accident involving fellow students. Student volunteers represent the victims of the crash. Throughout the day, students referred to as living dead, are called out of class to represent the many people who die each day as the result of accidents involving drunk drivers.  The second day is highlighted with a realistic memorial service for crash victims and living dead. The crash site is displayed throughout the event for students to see.

This year’s crash site was staged on Legacy Drive.

Each year the event is held at a different Frisco ISD high school with the hopes that students will experience the event sometime during their high school attendance. The goal of the program is to prevent reckless behavior and accidents.