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Campus Recycling Coordinators Prepare for Green Year(September 5, 2007)

campus coordinators attend trainingCampus recycling coordinators were recently treated to a special training session to prepare for this year’s environmental education programs. The teachers took part in a Zero Waste dinner provided by the City of Frisco Environmental Services Department and Community Waste Disposal (CWD), the District’s recycling vendor, as part of the training session.

Each Frisco Independent School District has its own campus recycling coordinator to oversee recycling on campus, work with a Green Team or other student group, and raise public awareness of the importance of recycling, according to Dianne Miller, the District Recycling Coordinator, who oversees campus coordinators and liaisons with the City of Frisco about recycling.

Frisco ISD works closely with the City of Frisco to educate the community about recycling and to actively participate in the city’s programs. Jeremy Starritt, the City of Frisco Environmental Education Coordinator, works with the campus coordinators to plan recycling campaigns and to reward students for their hard work. He is currently developing a website that will highlight youth recycling activities in the community, including FISD campus Green Teams. Green Teams recycle items such as phone books, batteries, ink jet cartridges, computer parts and cell phones. Each campus team decides on its own programs.

According to Robert Medigovich , municipal coordinator of CWD, Frisco schools recycled 247,266 pounds of mixed office paper last year. That contribution saved 2,101 trees, 46,980 gallons of oil, more than 500,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, 861,000 gallons of waters and saved 406 yards of land fill space.

Last May, FISD was named co-winner with the City of Frisco of the 2007 Sadie Ray Graff Education Leadership Award and the Keep Texas Beautiful Government Award. FISD was also recognized along with CWD and the City of Frisco for programs involving students with the Outstanding Environmental Youth Education and Outreach Program.

This year Starritt and Miller are looking forward to a special telephone collection in March and a special fundraiser with the Texas Tornadoes.