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Seniors Celebrate the Season with FISD(December, 2007)

Dr. Reedy visits with senior citizensThe Frisco Independent School District held its annual Holiday Luncheon and Choir Concert for senior citizens of Frisco on December 5 at Staley Middle School. More than 250 senior citizens were treated to a turkey dinner with trimmings and dessert. The luncheon is a Frisco tradition that continues to grow with the growing population of Frisco. Guests include former students, teachers, employees and board members, as well as many newcomers to Frisco.

The seniors were greeted by Dr. Rick Reedy, FISD superintendent, and school board members Brenda Polk, Renee Ehmke and Cindy DePaolantonio. Holiday music was performed by the FISD All-City Choir and coffee and tea was served by students who are members of the Student Council and Staley Junior National Honor Society. About 20 meals were delivered by FISD volunteers to homes of seniors unable to attend the luncheon.

The luncheon began when Frisco was much smaller in 1980 and all seniors were known to the school district. It is a way to say thank you to the work today’s senior citizens did to lay a foundation for the school district and to also show appreciation for their continued support.

FISD works with the City of Frisco’s Senior Citizens Center to construct an invitation list. Please contact Theresa Hambrick at (469) 633-6060 if a senior citizen needs to be added to the invitation list. The district asks that seniors make reservations for the luncheon for planning purposes.