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Current, Past Board Members Honored (January, 2008)

Harp recital at Board Recognition ReceptionFormer Frisco Independent School District School Board members and the current board members were honored at a reception Monday afternoon at the FISD Maple Street Complex board training room.

January is School Board Recognition month and the FISD schools sent cards and created posters to honor the district’s elected leadership. Faculty members, city government officials and some FISD parents joined Superintendent Rick Reedy in honoring the board members.

Reedy read a quote from City Manager George Purefoy that appeared in All About Frisco recently, noting that Purefoy’s words also expressed his personal feeling for the community and the history of Frisco schools.  The quote read, “There needs to be a connection to the past. I don’t believe a community can go gracefully into its future without remembering and honoring its history. Since there is so much new growth in Frisco, it is easy to overlook the early settlers and the hardships they endured while building a foundation for Frisco’s future.” Reedy confirmed that the board members of FISD’s past had prepared the way for the tremendous growth that FISD continues to experience and is why the district takes every opportunity to thank their efforts.

Former board members S.W. Christie, Pete Hosp, Sonny McSpedden , Libby Maus and Jane Whitledge were in attendance Monday night. Each was presented with a token of the district’s appreciation.  The current board members Buddy Minett, Richard Beaver, Laura Ellison, Cindy DePaolantonio, Dan Mossakowski, Renee Ehmke and Brenda Polk, were presented with framed copies of the recent Texas School Business magazine, which featured the board on the cover regarding School Board Recognition Month.

Entertainment was provided by students of the district’s pilot Harp program. Harp instructors Jennifer Kathleen Kubecka and Yumiko Endo Schlaffer were introduced by Fine Arts Director Daryl Trent. The teachers praised their students for their hard work. The program began at the beginning of the school year. The young ladies, Jessica Sedgwick and Kara Messer of Staley Middle School; Haley Swedberg, Tamara Djakovic and Savannah Todd of Pioneer Heritage Middle School; and Cindy Jiang and Sonya Bandouil of Roach and Fowler Middle School played several harp arrangements.  Kubecka and Yumiko also performed a duet of Tournier’s Au Matin. Those in attendance expressed amazement at the beauty of the pieces and the proficiency of the students after such a short period of time.

The event concluded with the current board beginning preparations for the regularly scheduled school board meeting and past board members sharing the sentiment that none miss late evening meetings.