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I.S. Rogers Gets Live Oak and Tree City USA Flag for Arbor Day (November, 2005)

Tree City @ Rogers

Bobby Johnson, Parks Superintendent for the City of Frisco, explains how oak trees grow from acorns as Urban Forestry Board member Mike Zapata looks on.


The second grade classes at I.S. Rogers got to pass around “tree cookies” as they learned about the life cycle of trees and the importance of trees to the environment Tuesday morning, November 8.

The Urban Forestry Board of Frisco and employees from the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Frisco were on hand to present a tree to the school in honor of Arbor Day. Dale Smeal of the Urban Forestry Board, passed around sections of a cut down tree or “tree cookies” to explain about how trees grow and age and what they mean to a community. Questions from the students ranged from how a tree gets its bark to how it lives on merely sunlight and water. Even their teachers expressed surprise at the level of scientific knowledge the children wanted to understand.

Bobby Johnson, Frisco Parks Superintendent, explained how a tree has to be planted and how it is important to water and mulch. Principal Susan Nesmith was thrilled that Rogers had been selected for the gift of an oak tree. “We needed a tree,” she said.

Each student was also given a seedling to take home and plant. Smeal and Johnson encouraged the students to plant their seedlings as soon as possible so that they could establish the tree’s root system. The seedlings were a mix of several different types of trees known to grow well in the area, according to Carlos Gallardo, a member of the Urban Forestry Board.

Tree City - Rogers' Staff & Students

Second Grade I.S. Rogers students, teachers and administrators pose with their friends from the city and the forestry board to show off the school’s new flag and new tree.