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The Stars Are Bright for Frisco Elementary Art Students (September, 2006)



The Rising Star Gallery is a new display at the Great Steak of Texas festival set for September 30 and October 1 of this year. The large 60-inch metal stars are being painted by area artists or artist teams and displayed during the festival, which is being held at Frisco Square this year. Frisco schools participating in this event are Christie students of Mark Bailey are painting two stars; Gunstream students of Chad Cruise, two stars; Anderson students of Colleen Cromley, Borchardt students of Melissa Rader, Pink students of Shelley Kennedy and Curtsinger students of Laverne Forwark. The art teachers are using this project to teach different types of painting – for instance, the Christie students practiced the abstract art style of the late Jackson Pollock. The teachers are also teaching students about the importance of public art and teamwork. Information about the Rising Star Exhibit, sponsored by the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco can be found at