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Question of the week?
Is FISD under the same Stage 3 Residential Watering Restrictions?

Answer: Yes.

We are working very closely with the City of Frisco to make sure that
we abide by the watering stages/restrictions. However, the restrictions for Frisco ISD are slightly different than that of a residential homeowner.

We are not regulated by a certain (trash) day and in the cases of our larger campuses with more than 25 zones, we have to break up the watering into a two-day process due to the 11-hour daily watering window. In fact, in some cases, the City does not want us to water on the same day as the adjacent neighborhood due to the size of the storage tank and concerns about water pressure.

The expectation and current restriction for the established FISD schools imposed by the City is that Stage 3 limits us to approximately one/ half the water usage utilized in Stage 1 (unrestricted), which equates to .8 of an inch weekly. This is the same restriction guideline used by the city's parks and recreation department for their grounds.

FISD's new construction is treated similar to commercial development new construction in Frisco regarding the establshment of the grass, trees, and safety issues on playground.

Athletic/ practice fields in Frisco are under a waiver and can be watered as needed in order to prevent cracking and potential injury.

We are working with the other city entities to follow their restrictions as well.

City of Frisco Website http://www.FriscoTexas.Gov