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PTA Lifetime Membership Awards Banquet Honors Volunteers (May, 2008)

Laura Ellison receives congratulations from fellow board membersRobyn Gschwend, right, and current Gunstream President display awardsAnderson PTA honorees with Principal Theresa WilkinsonThe annual Frisco ISD Council of PTAs held its annual Texas PTA Lifetime Membership Awards Banquet at Liberty High School on Friday, May 9. Each PTA nominated volunteers for the honor.

Area 15 of the Texas PTA honored Laura Ellison, Secretary of the Frisco School Board, for her work to form the Frisco Council of PTAs. She was awarded a Lifetime Membership Award from Area 15.

Robyn Gschwend of Gunstream Elementary was honored with the Texas PTA Life Membership and the National PTA Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions at Gunstream.

Other life membership award winners include: Theresa Dingus and Norma Payne of Anderson PTA, Barb Jackson and Tiffany Marino of Ashley PTA; Jamie Flemmer, Lisa James and Kelly Otis of Bledsoe PTA; Keelie Ferguson and Lisa Sodolak of Boals PTA; Anne Deegan and Susan Hambright of Bright Elementary PTA; Amelia Aguirre of Christie Elementary PTA; Michelle Garcia and Katina Meazell of Corbell Elementary PTA; Laverne Forwark and Nicole McAfee of Curtsinger Elementary; Brandy Dennison, Amy Elliott and Nancy Lawson of Fisher Elementary PTA; Jim Callison and Jamie Knight of Isbell PTA; Kathy Campbell, Jane Cantrell, Erin Falterman, and Rachel Hurst of Ogle PTA, Allison Dickinson and Tracy Seal of Pink PTA; Ian Sandland and Rachel Taylor of Riddle Elementary PTA; Tammie Hardy and Becky Specht of Robertson Elementary PTA; Martha Byrd, Leslie Eaton and Pam Meiss of Rogers PTA; Merideth Choate and Carmen Martinez of Sem PTA; Terry Bannerman, Kristine Forsythe and Raeanne Landrum of Shawnee Trail Elementary PTA; Denise Brewer, Mary Butler, Sherri Debacker and Laura Lee McLeod, Nancy Anthony, Angela Garrity and Brandon Whiten of Sparks Elementary PTA; Mandy Adell, Dody Brigadier, Peggy McAdams, Ronald McAdams of Spears PTA; Theresa Bruni and Lona Patterson of Taylor PTA; Stacey Stanislav and Rolin Steynberg of Clark Middle School PTA; Andrew Kindred and Willette Watts of Griffin Middle School PTA; and Tina Brazeal, Amy Flowers, Dianna Rhodes and David Watson of Staley Middle School PTA.

Special guests included members of the Frisco School Board of Trustees and Superintendent Rick Reedy and several representatives from FISD administration.

FISD PTA members work very hard for Frisco students. PTA partners with FISD to provide the very best educational and cultural programs for students, to support and encourage teachers, and to provide parents with information and opportunities to improve their skills.