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Laura Tye of Mooneyham receives FEF Grant

Prize Posse Delivers Grant Checks to Teachers (December, 2007)

The Frisco Education Foundation Prize Posse, loaded down with giant checks and balloons, stampeded into schools across the Frisco School District recently, surprising FISD teachers with “Grants for Great Ideas!” awards.

This year 44 grant applications were submitted by teachers from around the district in anticipation of their innovative classroom idea being chosen by the Foundation. The Foundation chose to fund 29 of those “Great Ideas” totaling $25,000 for the 2007-2008 school year. This year’s award amount was double the amount given out in years past.

Winners of the 2007-2008 “Grants for Great Ideas!” are:

Coaches Lynell Addis and Tara Balough/Anderson Elementary-Anderson Fitness Expedition with Lewis & Clark; Jamie Flemmer and Jana Shilson/Bledsoe Elementary-“Shake & Learn”; Lisa Hill, Jana Shilson, Jamie Flemmer and Alyson Culp/ Bledsoe Elementary- “Digital Microscopes”; Jennifer Freeman/Corbell Elementary-“Literature Backpacks”; Debbie Thompson/Corbell Elementary, Melanie Cornelius/District, Shelley Rhea/Mooneyham Elementary and Holly Grance/Spears- “Project Learning Tree Early Childhood Guide; Melanie Davis and Sylvia Ordonez/Christie Elementary- “The Christie Elementary Mentor Program”; Patti Schuster/Curtsinger Elementary- “World Map Rug”; Lynne Rhodes/Curtsinger-“Connecting Math to Literature: It’s in the Bag!”; Katie Rasmussen and Cynthia Wright/Curtsinger Elementary- “Using Texas Bluebonnet Book in Language Arts”; Haley Hudnall/Curtsinger Elementary- “Listen & Learn!”; Nina Reardon-Reeves/District- “Kids who Stutter: Gettin’ Together”; Leigh Ann Jones/District- “Frisco Reads”; Colleen Kugler/Fisher Elementary- “Diversity Day Traveling Trunk”; Hadley Williams/Fisher Elementary-“Sensory Snacks”; Susan Hendrix/Fowler Middle School- “First Annual Fowler Western Heritage Days”, Nancy Gardner/Gunstream Elementary-“Project Learning Tree Activity Books”; Shelly Cummings, Angela Dillaman, Laura Tye, and Tara Yell/Mooneyham Elementary- “Math Literacy Book Bags”; Cindy Bryant, Tracy Viars, Kristin Sisk, Cathy Stevens, Joyce Carson, Chilia Martin, Karen Gilson, Katie Soufflet, Cheryl Yamamoto, Sara Jones, Matt Torres, and Vikki Bowling/Pioneer Heritage Middle School- “Our Western & Pioneer Heritage”; Diane Caton/Pioneer Heritage Middle School- “Mystery Unit-Literature Circles”; Julianne Wright/Riddle Elementary-“Project Wisdom-Helping Students Make Wiser Choices”;  Pamela Meis/ Rogers Elementary-“Stomp & Boom & Blast, Oh My!”; Staci Borynack and Kori Kalitta/Sem Elementary-“Math Toolkits”; Sue Ann Hughes/Sem/Spears-“Time It!”; Ann Nickel/Sem Elementary-“Peace Bags & Rugs”; Marla Nolan/Shawnee Trail, Susan Senn/Smith Elem., Donna Karcher/Riddle Elem., and  Pamela Mackey/Clark Middle School-“Tell Me About It: A Book to Elicit Speech Sounds”;  Marla Nolan/Shawnee Trail, Helen Morris/Acker, Rachel Cantrill/Shawnee Trail, and Sandi Scott/Acker-“W.O.W. (Watching Our Writing);  Michelle Newton/Spears Elementary-“Fluency Kits and Reader’s Theater multi-leveled scripts”; Susan Plaisted, Vicky Zipper, Lindsey Brittain, Jamie Sachs, Erin Watson, and Marissa Ruder/Spears Elementary- “The Chalk Box Kid Literature Study”.

All of the applicants worked extremely hard brainstorming innovative ideas to bring to the classrooms of FISD students. “We have some very lucky students in this district”, said Foundation Director, Allison Miller.

The teachers put a lot of heart and soul into their applications and ideas and this was all for the children. “What really hits it home for the Foundation Board of Directors are the cheers and tears displayed when the grants are awarded to the classrooms”, stated FEF Board Secretary, Rhoda Christie. The children are beside themselves with excitement when they see that “big check” and balloons come through the door, teachers are delighted to tears that their hard work and commitment has paid off for the good of their students.  This is what we are here for, to invest in the future and make a difference in the lives of all students in the Frisco Independent School District.

“I wrote the grant to purchase new Project Learning Tree activity books for every teacher on my campus. Project Learning Tree is an environmental education program that correlates with our Frisco I.S.D. curriculum. Afterour six hour Project Learning Tree training on January 18th, each teacher at Gunstream will receive the book with over 90 activities!,” Nancy Gardner of Gunstream said. “I was so excited the day I received the grant. It was completely unexpected! Our fourth grade students had just lined up from lunch when we saw the balloons come around the corner.The Frisco Education Foundationtruly made my year! I can't wait for our Gunstream staff to be trained in Project Learning Tree and receive new hands-on activities for their classroom.”

Lynell Addis and Tara Balough also won a grant for Anderson that involves pedometers and a way to make physical eduction more a part of the overall learning at Anderson. “We are so excited to receive one of the Grants for Great Ideas. The use of pedometers will enhance the fitness level of our students, while incorporating math and social studies skills,” Addis said, thanking the Foundation for selecting Anderson.

The Frisco Education Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) started in 1999. The Foundation’s mission is to provide financial resources to maximize student potential in the Frisco Independent School District through educational scholarships for high school seniors and teachers through innovative “Grants for Great Ideas!”. Since 1999, the Foundation has grown to provide 720 students with scholarships totaling over $1,000,000 and awarded teachers approximately $102,000 in teacher grants.  For more information on the Foundation or to make a tax deductible contribution, please contact the Foundation office at 469-633-6860.