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Pink Field Dedicated (January, 2006)

Pink FieldFrisco teenagers didn’t play soccer when Dr. Erwin G. Pink was team doctor, but as Superintendent Rick Reedy observed Tuesday afternoon “If they had played soccer, he would have been there.”

Dr. Pink Field is Frisco Independent School District’s stand-alone turf field at Pizza Hut Park dedicated strictly to the use of FISD. Pizza Hut Park is home to FC Dallas and 17 soccer fields. Pink was Frisco High School team doctor for 43 and also served on the FISD board of trustees for 18 years. Buddy Minett, current school board president, retired Superintendent Justin Wakeland and former Frisco High School football coach Lloyd Nichols were on hand to note the dedication with which Pink served the Frisco teams. Nichols recalled a particularly tight game in which a star player was injured. He discovered Dr. Pink sewing up the injured boy in the stadium parking lot so the young man could get back in the game. “I don’t know if that was a good thing, but at the time I thought it was…We won the game 7 to 6.”

The dedication was held before a soccer game between the Centennial Titans and players from Forney. Forney guests seemed a little bemused when they arrived early to get good seats to discover some of Frisco’s leading citizens gathered at the field to honor Pink. Pink and his wife, Elisabeth, also have an elementary school named in their honor. Pink entertained the audience Tuesday by recounting the experience a friend of his recently had at a barbershop. The friend struck up a conversation with a young boy only to discover that the child went to Pink Elementary. The little boy was clearly annoyed about going to a school named Pink. When Dr. Pink’s friend told the child that he knew Dr. Pink and thought he was a great guy, the child said, “You mean he’s still alive!”

A plaque honoring Pink has been placed at the concession stand. Pink was also presented with a Titans shirt by Centennial Varsity Boys coach Jason Aune and captains Josh Aiken, Robson Pritchett and Kyler Prior. Elisabeth Pink received a ribbon corsage to commemorate the event. The Centennial Sweethearts drill team formed an honor line to greet guests and salute the guest of honor.