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Pioneers of Jazz Invited to Addison Jazz Fest (Feburary, 2007)

POJThe Pioneers of Jazz has been selected as one of only two middle school jazz bands in the entire country to perform at the Addison Jazz Fest, according to Christian Holzer, assistant band director at Pioneer Heritage Middle School.

“This past November we submitted a demo tape of the POJ to the judging
committee. There was no way to know what the outcome might be due to the sheer volume of tapes the committee receives each year. This past week I humbly got a phone call from the Festival manager and the special events coordinator for the City of Addison congratulating the POJ on our acceptance into the Festival. I can not stress enough how much of an honor this is!” Holzer recently told parents of the jazz band students.

Bands enter the Addison Jazz Festival from all parts of the country. Groups that have been accepted in the past have flown in from as far away as New York, Washington State, and everywhere in between. Holzer says band rehearsal and personal practice is more important than ever as the POJ prepares for the event.

Holzer recommends that folks interested in learning about the jazz festival check the following links: